Why Inter-Generational Games?

The idea for so-called inter-generational games developed from a personal need. I was playing with my daughter or rather watching when I really actually wanted to be involved in her playing. I want to bring people back together and connect them through games. As a playful learning researcher, it was important that not only children (ages 3 – 7) learn something but also we, the adults, as well. There is a special group among adults, though, who leads an active and healthy lifestyle and also wants to keep it that way: Grandparents.

Over 50% of grandparents take care of their grandkids on a regular basis in Switzerland. Next to parents, the strongest feelings children have toward adults are with grandparents, according to Francois Höpflinger, a generations’ researcher. Grandparents do not have those parental expectations and thus most activities are more of a playful nature. There is also a bi-directional exchange in values or knowledge. Grandparents talk about their past and grandkids teach them, for instance, how to «game».

This is why I wanted to do something good for our parents. I developed this series of games with focus on grandparents and children. The games require an intense interaction and thus are also deepening the relationship between the two generations.

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Cheeky Max games are special because:

  • The focus is on inter-generational relationships
  • Grandparents get actively involved
  • Mix of analogue and digital media
  • Combination of activity and brainteasers
  • Play- and learning principles are based on scientific evidence and research.

The game can also be played with parents, other family members or caretakers, although the challenges have to be adjusted accordingly.

May I present: Cheeky Max

The first package will consist of the app «Cheeky Max» and the activity game «Catch Cheeky Max». The app is an extension to the real-world game but can also be played by itself. Players accompany Max, a young tomcat, and his friends on their adventures on a Swiss farm in the Valais region. Max is a rascal and gets into trouble a lot, something that players will experience first-hand.

In Catch Cheeky Max, you will activate and energize your brain cells and body muscles. The app Cheeky Max is balancing this energy with a calming effect by having you to sit down, relax, and immerse in the Cheeky Max world.

The app (iOS) is almost ready and a beta version is currently being tested. This campaign is all about the game «Catch Cheeky Max» itself.

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What is «Catch Cheeky Max»?

Catch Cheeky Max is an activity game inspired by the game classic PacMan mixed with mental and physical action. The six games center all around chasing, catching, and collecting. The six variations are built up on each other. Some of the games are in two-player mode while others can be played by 2-4 players.

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The basic game set ’Catch Cheeky Max’ consists of:

  • 9 Playmats
  • 4 Baggies
  • 1 divider (ribbon)
  • 42 challenge cards – examples of challenges: (kids) «What do you want to be when you are a grown up?» Or «Do three jumping jacks.» (adults) «Tell me two veggies that your kids did not like when they were little?» Or «Clap 3 times and count to nine simultaneously.»

Why you should support this project

Your support is crucial in allowing me to bring the game into production for the very first 200 game sets and also to help me to expand internationally.

Join this venture and let’s revolutionize the game world by introducing a new form of social and healthy play. I want to contribute to the happiness and health of our parents. At the same time I want our children to enjoy time with their grandparents and to learn something meaningful.


Below are some of the rewards that you find on the right side. All the rewards include shipping inside Switzerland.

Stretch Goals

  • CHF 15’000 – yeah! We can produce the first game editions of Catch Cheeky Max. Those first 200 game sets provide a basis to grow in the Swiss market. The success of the game will provide a good start to enter the international market.
  • CHF 25’000 – we can develop an app that includes all the challenges and more. So instead of cards, you will have all the challenges on your phone. This way, it is easy to receive updates or buy additional extensions, or get new game plans. Furthermore, we will be able to set up an online platform so you can get additional game plans to print out yourself. (This is an important step for the game since digital game extensions and components reduce a lot of the physical production costs.)
  • CHF 40’000 – Off it goes with all the cool extensions for the game. How about a special holiday’s edition or a multiplayer series? Extensions – also via app – enable us to produce innovative and novel special editions and game plans.
  • CHF 50’000 – we could start working on our second Cheeky Max inter-generational game package, which centers on storytelling and is meant for the quiet days at home.
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Team Pixxadoo

The team of Pixxadoo consists of Dr. Franziska Spring and a network of specialists.

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