Freddie & the Cannonballs: «Playing in Memphis...»

After winning the Swiss Blues Challenge 2021, we have the honour of representing Switzerland at the most important international blues music competition (International Blues Challenge) to be held in Memphis from January 18-22, 2022. Help us bring our blues to the famous «Beale Street».

... why do we really need to get to Memphis?

Imagine, having the opportunity to play in those famous clubs so totally immersed in the most authentic blues spirit? Just a stone’s throw from Mississippi? In the city that has marked the history of the music that we love the most? To be able to do it with our own original songs, bringing our stories about our adventures together and our repertoire of old ’swinging blues’? To be able to accept the once-in-a-lifetime honour and privilege to participate in the most prestigious international blues music competition? To be known by hundreds and hundreds of passionate blues fans? That would be TOO good to miss!

... why do we need support?

Unfortunately, participation in the International Blues Challenge does not provide any type of remuneration for the competing bands. The significant travel, board and lodging expenses are therefore entirely at our own expense. In this difficult historical moment, our exhaustive search for institutional sponsors and financial support has not led to any positive results and that is precisely why we are turning to you!

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