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Community, Environment, and Education


Climate Talks & Permaculture

by Zoe Stadler and Ursula Bründler Stadler

With trainings and engagement weeks in our permaculture garden, we want to strengthen the closeness to nature. With the Ranfter climate talks, we strengthen the discussion and network active people.

200 %
CHF 50’238
4 days to go

Community, art, and Education


PUSSY PAIRS is an amusing memory game that draws attention to the taboo subject of the vulva. Find pairs among 36 cards showing plaster casts of different vulvas.

81 %
EUR 12’200
13 days to go

Agriculture, Environment, and Education


Green Desert

by Jessica Bilali

With the first permaculture project in southern Morocco, we are counteracting desertification and teaching local people how to be self-sufficient in the long term.

99 %
CHF 24’867
4 days to go

Community and Education


Children who had to flee within Ukraine could take almost nothing with them. We give them notebooks and pens, which they urgently need for school and thus bring some color into their lives.

102 %
CHF 30’740
2 days to go

Games, Kids / Youth, and Education

Zürich and Glarus

Wir verbinden den Nervenkitzel eines Escaperaums mit Lerninhalten. Spielerisch und lustvoll lernen Schüler:innen Zukunftskompetenzen und manifestieren Wissen nachhaltig. Lernen darf spannend sein!