More than just a story

My first novel published exclusively in self-publishing is entitled «Émersion». This literary project is already finished and the next one is currently in preparation.

Your support will allow me both to physically publish my first novel and, more importantly, to establish a scholarship that I intend to offer to a close friend who has just joined CREA school in Geneva.


What could my project bring?

In Switzerland, 20% of young adults who complete their secondary education live in precarious conditions. This is the percentage of students who are not entitled to a scholarship or other financial support from the state or their family and who, even with auxiliary work, can not go out at the end of each month.

If this campaign ends with a positive result, I will not fail to continue my fight. Literature is for me a passion above all, I will devote myself to writing and will continue to provide meaningful and indispensable help to other students in need of financial assistance so that they can achieve their dreams.


What is my novel about?

This thriller tells the story of a teenager who delves into delinquency to get out of his precarious situation. Motivated by bad intentions, he will end up committing irreparable mistakes. Unfortunately for him, he will become aware of his actions only the day he learns the disappearance of his best friend.

To get a better overview of my work, I invite you to visit my website, which was created entirely by my brother and a friend.


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Auteur : Michael Petrov Créateur du site : Jorge Petrov Illustrations : Adrien Pisler