The first questionnaire-based European online survey of patient satisfaction with Anaesthesia Services. For change that really matters.

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Successfully concluded on 11/7/2024

QOMPASS- Questionnaire-based Online Measurement of Patient satisfaction with Anaesthesia Services: a Europe-wide Survey

Our goal is to conduct the first ever online survey on patient experiences with anaesthetic care across Europe. As clinically active physicians, we will be able to draw important conclusions for patient-oriented improvements from this study. We aim to allocate scarce resources in healthcare where it truly matters - in the best interest of our patients!

Core Study Team
Core Study Team

innovative, patient-centred, europe-wide, systems approach

Patient-reported outcomes and experiences, as well as targeted surveys on patient satisfaction, have now become important measurable endpoints, also in the field of Anaesthesiology. However, patient satisfaction with Anaesthesia is still not assessed on a routine basis. Data regarding current trends in and influencing factors of overall patient satisfaction with anaesthetic care are very heterogeneous. Appropriate use of the available resources (especially staff and time) must be based on scientific evidence from large-scale studies. By this means only, we, as physicians who are directly involved with patients, can preserve optimal individualized anaesthesia care while simultaneously satisfying the divergent interests of all those involved in the healthcare system, primarily the patients entrusted to us. A questionnaire developed in collaboration with patients and the renowned Picker institute will be made available to the member countries of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) in their respective national languages. We will not only examine overall satisfaction but also evaluate individual aspects of the perioperative patient experience, starting from the informed consent conversation for Anaesthesia to the discharge from the hospital after the procedure. Our approach is unique and holistic in evaluating determinants of optimal patient satisfaction. The results of this study, which we intend to publish in a renowned journal, will for the first time, enable a Europe-wide assessment of patient satisfaction with anaesthetic care. Improving patient satisfaction with Anaesthesia through patient-guided changes is our ultimate goal.

Patient Pathway
Patient Pathway

Questionnaire translation, cross-border ethics application, statisticians, data storage platform, study personnel, publication costs

To conduct our vision of the first Europe-wide satisfaction survey with anaesthesia, based on a holistic inquiry into the patient experience of anaesthesia care using a validated questionnaire, we need your help. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we are collecting financial resources to be used for the following purposes:

  • Technical integration of individual centres with our independent data management center
  • AI-based translation of the questionnaire into the respective national language and back-translation by native speakers
  • Simple and intuitive contact with all our patients from various countries via email/SMS and QR code
  • Safeguarding of anonymisation + encryption of the data platform
  • Thorough data analysis with directly applicable results for the collaborating centres

A portion of the funds will then be allocated to the collaborating institutions (e.g., for ethics applications), ensuring that the study is comparable in terms of ethical and methodologic standards across all centres in Europe and according to the highest scientific standards.

Additionally, we anticipate administrative expenses for publications and collaboration with individual collaboration partners. We intend to invite all countries that are members of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) to participate in this study.

Last but not least, personnel resources are needed for a functioning core study team consisting of international experts in the field.

Your support in this crowdfunding project is an essential piece of the puzzle to make our important project QOMPASS a success for our patients.