Quiet Space Inside Album

by Balthasar Balz Ewald

Basel, Hamburg, and Ubud

Gentle songs with piano accompaniment for inner peace and relaxation. One song blends into the next creating a meditative feel. Lyrics about a mindful, peaceful and compassionate way of living.

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Successfully concluded on 1/1/2020

Help me to fund my concept album with songs about inner peace.

To create a simple yet professional album production I need about 10’000.- CHF. Studio time is the biggest chunk of the costs. Add the wages of the sound engineers, rental of a grand piano and daily tuning thereof. Other parts go to a photographer, a graphic designer and the cd pressing plant. I would be so very happy if you could help me bring my music to life.

A path to inner freedom.

Over the past few years I explored how I can make room for greater contentment and balance in my every day life. My journey led me inwards: Intuitively I started to simplify my life and looked for ways to calm mind and body regularly.

As I spent more time in silence I started to hear more clearly how often my mind was busy with restricting or unproductive thoughts and beliefs. I noticed I didn’t have to believe everything that was happening between my ears and that the easiest way to lift my mood was to meet the world where it was at and not where the ramblings in my head pointed to.

With time I found that practicing patience is like a refuge to me. I remembered to breathe in difficult situations. And I learned that it can bring great relief and joy not to take things personally in general. Feelings of accomplishment, happiness and a sense of ease and wellbeing followed. That’s how I became an ’advocat of tranquility’.

My album Quiet Space Inside is like a beautiful quilt made from moments of insight everyone encounters once they are on a journey to find inner freedom. At the same time it’s a well-crafted and soothing soundtrack for those who love relaxing music and wish to interact with life from a more patient mindset.

Spending time in nature often inspires new songs.
Spending time in nature often inspires new songs.

Wonderful and inspiring rewards to suit every budget.

Compassion, mindfulness and getting in touch with ourselves are topics that shine through almost all of my songs.

It is only natural that the rewards you can choose when contributing to my crowdfunding campaign are thus soulful, introspective and personal. Apart from music related perks you’ll find inner peace-promoting experiences and yoga classes as well as a raffle to win a living-room concert.

I’m grateful for every kind of participation and support on this journey. Thank you for helping me to bring this collection of mindful songs into the world and to reach people and communities who are into mindful stuff and self-care. Especially those who will only check out my music because you told them about it. Thank you!