Our Swiss-Brazilian family with 42 years of passion for beekeeping invites you to discover our rare and unique honeys, produced with love for bees, the environment and beekeepers. 🐝💛

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ethikabio : a family history of sustainable beekeeping

Imagine being able to tell the story of your family around the world, share your passion for beekeeping and discover the wonders of Brazilian honey. This is exactly what we have decided to do at ethikabio. We were born from the will to spread the benefits of organic beekeeping developed by our family, the Levys. Today, we wish to pollinate new connections with different families in the world, to share our passion and our know-how, but also to encourage everyone to benefit from and trust the real Brazilian wild honey, good for everyone’s health.

The Levy family’s relationship with bees began 42 years ago, when Paulo Levy fell in love with beekeeping while still a student in Switzerland. Upon his return to Brazil, he decided to study zootechny and started a family production of specialty honeys. His love for working with bees grew and finally, years later, he moved to the northeast of Brazil and developed a partnership with local producer cooperatives. In this incredible region, Paulo realized the immense potential - both in the production capacity of these beekeeping families and in the quality of the honey extracted from the Caatinga region, in the Brazilian state of Ceará.

For generations, we have worked in harmony with bees to produce authentic honey that respects the environment and local communities. ethikabio employs, supports and maintains a close relationship with communities to strengthen the local economy through fair trade.

  • Die Beziehung der Familie Levy zu den Bienen begann vor 42 Jahren
    Die Beziehung der Familie Levy zu den Bienen begann vor 42 Jahren

Caatinga region: a unique vegetation for a unique honey

Imagine yourself in a unique landscape in South America, called the Caatinga. This semi-arid region is known for its rare and typical dryland vegetation. It is a place where bees can thrive thanks to the native flora. Unlike large agro-industrial farms zone, which use harmful pesticides, the Caatinga is one of the few preserved regions farthest from these contaminating conditions. ethikabio’s honey, produced in this region, is organic, pure and residue-free. We are proud to offer a quality honey from a preserved region that respects the environment.

It is difficult to work in a region affected by drought and social inequality, but it is possible thanks to cooperatives! ethikabio works closely with local communities to improve their lives by enhancing the region’s economy to promote the improvement of the daily lives of producing families.

Organic beekeeping is, in essence, an activity that contributes to reducing our carbon footprint, as it promotes the protection of native vegetation and shows that it is possible to produce food in a sustainable way. In addition to securing a better future for producers in Northeast Brazil, we are BioSuisse certified, Fair-Trade certified, and help reduce our carbon footprint. We achieve this through reforestation projects, but especially through the beekeepers who preserve the environment through their activity. This activity generates low emissions during production and no use of chemicals or inputs harmful to nature.

We have four objectives in our business: to produce honey of exceptional quality, to promote the health of Swiss families, to empower communities in Brazil and to consolidate our model of producing honeys that are good for human health and the environment.

  • Des familles apicultrices
    Des familles apicultrices
  • Sie befinden sich in einer einzigartigen Landschaft in Südamerika, der Caatinga.
    Sie befinden sich in einer einzigartigen Landschaft in Südamerika, der Caatinga.
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  • Bon pour l'Homme, bon pour la nature.
    Bon pour l'Homme, bon pour la nature.

A great campaign to safeguard local communities and the environment

By supporting ethikabio, you participate in the improvement of the daily life of the families of honey producers in the North-East of Brazil. We work in fair trade and invest a part of our sales to support these families.

Through our crowdfunding campaign, you can contribute to the realization of our current and future projects that will bring significant changes in the lives of these communities. Here is how the amount raised will help us achieve our goals:

🌼With a funding of 30’000 CHF, we could consolidate the Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) for the honey of Aroeira. We could carry out analyses and certifications to prove the quality of the honey to consumers and thus strengthen the recognition of this appellation.

🌼With a funding of 50’000 CHF, we could additionally renovate and expand the harvesting workshops. Your support could help purchase new equipments and build a space for beekeepers to meet and work in optimal conditions.

🌼With funding of 100,000 CHF, we could also create a nursery for flower production to bring knowledge to local schools and help preserve endangered plant species. This funding would also allow us to implement our reforestation project to help restore local forests.

🌼Finally, with funding of 150,000 CHF, we will establish a nursery for the Aroeira Tree which promotes the protection of bees and other insects, and fights against drought. Aroeira is essential to maintain the balance and protect the biodiversity of regions affected by global warming. In addition, we could also develop local communities by providing training to women beekeepers, creating facilities for their activities, empowering and giving them conditions to have their own activity and income.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will have a significant impact on the realization of our projects and allow us to make a difference in the lives of local communities.

Participate in our fundraising campaign and help us make a difference in the lives of local producers while receiving unique and quality products that will contribute to your health and that of your loved ones!