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David und der Wolf

David und der Wolf machen ein Album.
by David Stellner, Vienna
79% funded
EUR 4’776 pledged
24 days to go
Community, Literature, and Environment

Geliebtes Zürich

Mit «Geliebtes Zürich» entdeckst du Zürich von Neuem. Der Stadtguide mit 20 Geschichten & Illustrationen soll klimaneutral, kompostierbar in Kleinauflage in der Schweiz nachhaltig gedruckt werden.
by Carla O., Zürich
43% funded
CHF 3’255 pledged
26 days to go
Photography and Publishing

«MEN – A story of Boys»

MEN * is a Photographic Body of Work Portraying the Story of Young coming of age Boys & their Masculinity. Theire problems, dreams and ideas in a world with strict Binary views of gender and Manhood.
by Ernesto, Basel
31% funded
CHF 790 pledged
33 days to go

Spitting Ibex CD Production

We are Spitting Ibex from Vienna, Austria. In January 2020 we will release our new album and therefore need your support.
by Spitting Ibex, Adil Baktir, and Spitting Ibex, Vienna
30% funded
EUR 3’045 pledged
41 days to go

Lago Mio artist residency

Above the roofs of Lugano in an old house, we opened an artist residency with very little money. Now we are collecting to pay tribute to the work of our first guests in an exhibition with a catalog.
by Lago Mio and Benedikt Wyss, Lugano
21% funded
CHF 1’530 pledged
18 days to go
Politics, Community, and Sport

Zryd in den Nationalrat!

Unterstützungsaktion für die Nationalratswahlkampagne «Achtung- fertig- Zryd». Damit ich unsere politischen Anliegen auch national vertreten kann, brauche ich deine Unterstützung!
by Andrea Zryd, Magglingen and Bern
18% funded
CHF 1’115 pledged
39 days to go

Primo Tempo

Primo Tempo est un groupe qui mélange tango, musique classique, flamenco, metal et musette! Nous avons besoin de votre soutien pour enregistrer notre premier album!
by Primo Tempo, Neuchâtel
17% funded
CHF 515 pledged
39 days to go
Performing arts and Literature

«Sie liebt»

Wir bringen Karin Hobi-Pertls ersten Roman «Sie liebt» auf die Bühne. 8 Laiendarsteller erwecken den Liebesroman, der gar keiner ist, zum Leben. Wir wollen gehört und gesehen werden – helft uns dabei!
by Karin Hobi-Pertl, Chur, Davos, and Basel
12% funded
CHF 750 pledged
23 days to go
Food and Startup

Lemoncha in Lausanne !

We are coming to Lausanne to a place already appreciated by many, the MELAZIC Kingdom! Support the project and be part of our adventure!
by Lemoncha, Lausanne
4% funded
CHF 2’221 pledged
28 days to go
Food, agriculture, and Environment

Tout Temps Vrac

Ouvrir un magasin de vracs afin d'éviter le suremballage et le gaspillage. Etre plus proche de nos agriculteurs. Consommer local, régional ou national, dans le respect de la nature et/ou bio.
by David Küntzer, Lucens
4% funded
CHF 1’740 pledged
43 days to go
Design and Music

Mountains Of Madness Vinyl

Erstauflage des «Mountains Of Madness» Albums von H.P. Zinker auf Vinyl inkl. originalgetreuer Umsetzung des von Stefan Sagmeister gestalteten Artworks der CD-Version. Als 2xLP (fbg.) und Booklet.
by Noise Appeal Records, Vienna
4% funded
EUR 305 pledged
44 days to go
Film, Music, and Art

Clip: Angels Over America

A guy is running from the devil, tired and without strength, the Holy Mary is revealed to him, but she doesn't help him, someone else appears and shows him that he has himself and that's all he needs.
by Ishmael, Mexico City
4% funded
CHF 65 pledged
25 days to go