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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Syracuse. But this may be of interest to you.

Film, Environment, and Agriculture


Did you know that Swiss wool was still often thrown away, unused? That it was almost worth nothing? That’s why we’ve made a film about it. And to bring it to life, we need your help!

9 %
CHF 1’567
43 days to go
Kinderbuch: Tiger Kätzle

Kids / Youth, animals, and Art


Kinderbuch: Tiger Kätzle

by Schulprojekt.JH

Tiger Kätzle ist ein Kinderbuch welches aus Geschichten aus meiner Kindergartenzeit entstand. Nun soll es anderen Kindern aus meiner Gemeinde «Triesen» eine Freude machen.

14 %
CHF 565
35 days to go

Community, Fashion, and Agriculture

Glarus Süd


by Michael

Glück³ ist mein Herzensprojekt. Es beinhaltet alles was ich bin und sein möchte. Drogenberatung auf Augenhöhe, Coaching für ein Leben voller Glück und Kleidung aus Hanf. Lokal angebaut und produziert.

0 %
28 days to go
Great Austrian Songbook

Music and Art


Great Austrian Songbook

by Blind Rope Records / monkey.

Mozart bis Falco! Jazz-Pianist Lukas Meißl de- und rekonstruiert Melodien der österreichischen Unterhaltungs- und Popularmusik und bettet diese mit Band in vielschichtig komponierte Arrangements.

17 %
EUR 710
25 days to go
Julian Gerber goes Stadtrat

Politics, Community, and Environment


Bei den Wahlen 2024 in Luzern, kandidiere ich für die Jungen Grünen für den Stadtrat. Für einen sichtbaren Wahlkampf, brauch ich nebst Motivation (habe ich) auch noch Geld (brauch ich).

36 %
CHF 730
29 days to go
Tiny Dining House 🏠

Food, tourism, and Environment

Horgen and Zürich

Tiny Dining House 🏠

by Carla O. and Bloch Private Dining

Expirience a unforgettable dinner with your loved ones or a sleep over under the starry sky. What's missing: the undercarriage, a few new windows, the interior and you!

19 %
CHF 1’570
27 days to go
Les éditions Visibles

Literature, Kids / Youth, and Comics


Les éditions Visibles

by Licia Chery | Les éditions visibles

«Les éditions Visibles» is a new independent publishing house that embodies diversity and inclusion, aiming to captivate and educate young readers in a fresh and engaging way.

24 %
CHF 6’144
38 days to go
DeCi settles in!

Food, Fair Trade, and Tourism


DeCi settles in!

by DéCi Comptoir Gourmand

DéCi opens its restaurant in Lausanne! And we need gourmets like you to finance our project. So, what do you say? We'll make your mouth water!

20 %
CHF 7’230
25 days to go
Forest not repression

Environment, Politics, and Community


Forest not repression

by Wald statt Repression - Rümi Solikollektiv

In April 2023, activists occupied a forest to protect it from deforestation. Now a landmark court case may jeopardize the right to protest in Switzerland.

57 %
CHF 17’168
38 days to go
Und wer nimmt den Hund?

Performing Arts


Eine rasante Trennungskomödie über die Tücken des «Bewussten Entpaarens». Das Stück erzählt die bewegende Geschichte einer Ehekrise und den damit verbundenen Herausforderungen.

5 %
CHF 575
27 days to go
AninestEco: Healthy and eco

Animals, Environment, and Fair Trade


I'm Solange, creator of AninestEco. Inspired by my dog Babou and his fight against his autoimmune disease, I created a boutique exclusively for healthy and eco-friendly pet products.

42 %
CHF 855
44 days to go
Polar Pony - Skate

Sport, Kids / Youth, and Community


Polar Pony - Skate

by Polar Pony

The Polar Pony is back! From 21st December 2023 to 20th January 2024 there will be a Skatepark at Grosse Halle, Reitschule Bern and a lot of cool events for everyone!