A subscription for bundles of organic baby clothes

We rent out high-quality organic clothing for baby’s first year. Our assorted packages of functional and essential baby clothes are delivered right to your doorstep. Simply order the next size when your baby needs it and return your current set. While you take care of your little one and watch them outgrow up to 7 sizes in their first year, we take care of the clothes, making sure they are in perfect condition for the next baby.

In a nutshell:

  • 3 Bundle sizes with useful Basics like Bodysuits, Onesies, etc.
  • All sizes for Baby’s 1st year
  • Softest organic cotton for baby’s ultimate comfort
  • High-quality clothing for a fraction of the retail price
  • Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

Included in the your subscription:

  • Upsize anytime
  • Free delivery & return
  • Wear & tear insured
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Why are we doing this?

Babies outgrow 6-7 clothing sizes in their first year. That’s around 132 pieces of clothing which land in a dusty box waaaay too soon! The production of a garment is quite intense, requiring around 2700 litres of water, vast amounts of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and a lot of hard work. And all this for only a few weeks of usage?! We want to tackle two things:

  1. Make the growing and production of our clothes more sustainable

OÏOÏOÏ is working with 10 small & sustainable brands, which are producing baby clothes from pure organic cotton. Adhering to the GOTS standard, organic cotton is protecting our environment, the farmers, the sewers and ultimately your babies, who wear these garments directly on their very sensitive and thin skin. With our all-year «capsule collection» we’re promoting classic and high-quality baby clothes as an alternative to fast-fashion and cheap massproduce.

  1. Extend the lifespan of clothes and minimize clothing waste

The current birth rate in Switzerland is quite low at 1.54 kids, so passing down clothes from one child to the next has its limits. On top, sharing and buying secondhand clothes entails a lot of effort: Washing, sorting, storing, waiting for the next flea market, taking pictures, finding a buyer, transporting, etc. Thus, baby clothes are chronically underused, at a total imbalance with the intense production process they underwent.

Therefore, our clothes are automatically shared between families across the entire country. The pioneers of this model from the US claim to share clothes between up to seven different families, which would be more than fourfold in comparison to our traditional way-of-use. Once the clothes are at the end of their lifespan, we are selling them at a reduced price in a «fun-box», so they can be used for outside activities. The profits from this will be donated to children’s homes and single parents.

Who are we?

We are a team of two female co-founders from Zurich, Anna Mucha and Belén Bolliger. We’ve founded OÏOÏOÏ at the start of 2020 and are investing 100% of our time into it ever since. Our goal is to make sharing more attractive than buying, to reduce waste and to demonstrate that there are new ways of consuming sustainably.

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Why do we need you?

Your funds are invested in buying clothes and improving our web presence. We need a critical mass of customers to transform OÏOÏOÏ from a non-profit project into a business.

Our project is made for YOU, if you’re convinced that a sustainable way of life is the only way to go, if you’re a fan of the sharing- and circular economy and if you’re slowly coming to the conclusion that a happy life consists of collecting beautiful memories rather than stuff.

Thank you so much!

If you’re short of cash but you’d like to support our startup with your skills and time, we’re more than happy to receive your message on info@oioioibaby.ch

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