I am moving – in your direction. Come with me on this 60-day journey – your presence is indispensible. Make it possible for us to bring my music to you and out into the world. It’s worth staying the course: our campaign will be extended in stages.

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 13/9/2014

The Campaign

I’m in the starting block, focused and determined. A motivated team and the energetic crew are essential in order for us to reach our goal. With your support, we will succeed not only in reaching that goal, but also in keeping the crew intact and expanding it.

I want to avoid the detours and take a direct route to you. In five stages.

On this fifth and final stage we need your full support! Benefit from our goodies and help us to stay on target. Be it different packages, personal music lessons or even a living room session – you decide and will thereby help us to make it possible.

The five stages in 60 days at wemakeit

  1. ABOUT (15/7 – 21/7/2014)
  2. LIVE (22/7 – 28/7/2014)
  3. MAKING OF «Depths Of Montmartre» (29/7 – 11/8/2014)
  4. TEAM / CREW (12/8 – 31/8/2014)
  5. FINALE (1/9 – 12/9/2014)

Stage 5: Finale

The last and ever so decisive fifth stage has just begun! There are only just a few days left until the campaign’s end date but with your help, we will stay on target to finally achieve our goal. And all that, with the throttle full open! A big thank you to those we enthuse and those, who make things possible!

Stage 4: Team / Crew

Join in and help make Reza’s tour possible: 106 piggy-banks have already been raided, and we are coming closer to our goal! For his début-album tour, Reza needs not only the equipment, but a team of people at the buttons and switches, dials and pedals to operate it. Your contribution will go to the people behind, beside or beyond the stage, who ensure that you can hear and see Reza, that he is free to concentrate on his music, and that campaigns like this one can run. Your support will go into the «team» account and allow us to coordinate Reza’s tour.

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Stage 3: Making of «Depths of Montmarte»

It took us more than two years to finally bring the process of making «Depths of Montmartre» to a close. Holed up at a studio in rural France, that place, one could almost consider it our second home. Two years of highs and lows - making decisions, restarting from scratch as well as elaborating new ideas, were pivotal moments on our journey as a band.

We sat down for a freewheeling conversation that included discussions about the making of the album, about fears and beliefs, joy and grief and the experiences each member had made individually while making the record.

A frank talk amongst friends, which footage of more than the length of an afternoon tea party had to be stripped down to a short «Roundtable» clip.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.

Stage 2: Live

When Reza sings, even the second hands in the crowd fall silent. Whether he is opening for Ryan Bingham or Emiliana Torrini or performing solo, he enchants the audiences at shows, large or small. His débutalbum «Depths of Montmartre» will be released this year, but Reza remains largely unknown outside of Zurich, despite his talent as a songwriter and performer. With your help, we want to send Reza around the country so that people outside of Zurich can enjoy him too: your contribution will help pay for everything that the concert fees won’t cover – in which is to say, almost everything other than a decent instrument cable, new strings once in a while and/or a long-distance call to his family back home.

Needless to say, every donation will be rewarded with a tasty goody, for your own personal enjoyment. But you and Reza will not be the only ones to benefit from your contribution: you’ll be helping other fans to support the music that you all want to hear more of!

You do not need to worry that your money will be treated as a blank check for sumptuous midnight snacks or balcony seats at the cinema! The fact is, Reza is too big for his guitar case, so he needs a real bed to sleep in. His legs are not long enough to walk from one gig to the next, so he needs a set of wheels. And since his days are only 24-hours long, he cannot paint the concert posters and post them all by himself. Your support will go into the «live» account and help get Reza out on the road.

Stage 1: About

Like driftwood, Reza’s music has a gnarley, yet velvetly touch with the whirls and weathers of a lifetime perceptibly engraved. His sonorous voice carves through the fibres, marking his debut record «Depths of Montmartre» with a vigorous pattern in every shade of black.

Driven by an epochal force this record rushes over bleak, mysterious glaciers and through rousing metropolies – saluting Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel while never being anything else but Reza Dinally. Produced by grammy-winning David Odlum, former guitarist of The Frames and recent collaborator with Gemma Hayes, the sessions yielded 10 fabulously emotional songs.

Important information about the «wemakeit show»

On Friday, 29 August, while our wemakeit campaign is still underway, we will be playing the new album «Depths of Montmartre» live and in full length, for the very first time. The location, in central Zurich, will be announced well in advance.

IMPORTANT: This offer is limited to a total of 50 tickets and ends on Monday, 25 August. Be among the first fifty people to hear the album live in an exclusive performance. Make sure to secure your ticket under Rewards!