«Rivelare il nascosto»

by Virginia _Luana


A two parts performance: «Unique female experience, period» speaks of the stigma linked to menstruation and «Souvenir du futur» is inspired by the witch trials where the power of resistance overcome.

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«Rivelare il nascosto» is about

«Rivelare il nascosto» is an artistic and cultural project that includes : a four-weeks residency at SpazioELLE in Locarno, a world premiere on 8th March 2020 at 17:00 at the Teatro Cambusa (SpazioELLE) within the international festival «La donna crea», organized by «OSA! (Organic Artistic Scene)», movement workshop offered by us on 7th of March 2020 (open to everyone). The project is co-produced by SpazioELLE, Locarno.

The show «Rivelare il nascosto» is a 60 minutes performance and will consist of two parts, «Unique female experience, period» and «Souvenir du futur»:

«Unique female experience, period» is about the stigma of menstruation. Menstruation is a taboo subject, which should be viewed as a splendid phenomenon of nature and women, but it is indisputably hidden, low spoken and overshadowed by our society and our culture. This piece offers the stage to three women from different cultures, each of these women shares a personal experience related to this taboo. «Unique female experience, period» is recited in four languages: Italian, French, English and movement, the universal language. Creator: Virginia Cassina /Performers: Virginia Cassina, Alice Gauthier, Tianyu Gu

«Souvenir du futur» was inspired by the witch hunt and the witch trials that took place between 1550 and 1680. This piece offers the audience a profound moment of resistance and resignation : only a woman, a rubber band, a rope and a bucket on stage. It is an expression of strength in a desperate situation. «Souvenir du futur» has its own language : the body in movement (dansé et acrobatisé). Narrated without words. Creator : Luana Volet /Performer: Luana Volet

«Souvenir du futur» © Anna Bausch
«Souvenir du futur» © Anna Bausch

Our project is special because...

SpazioElle offers us an amazing opportunity to continue creating and developing our piece. This residency gives us space and time to be fully submerged in our work, to dig deeper into our themes, to find new ways to express them and to deal with them on stage. These two different themes – menstruation and witches – are important to us, as they are our historical legacy. As women, we want to share our experience and stories about our culture. This project gives us also a great opportunity to develop further our artistic research as young creators. We are given a safe space to experiment and understand what are our personal languages and authenticity in our work. It is also special because we can share our final work on stage on the 8th of March 2020 -International Women’s Day- for the festival Donna Crea OSA at SpazioELLE. We will also have the opportunity to give a 3 hour workshop on the 7th of March, open to all, free of cost, as an exciting way to meet other artists and maybe members of our audience.

This is what we need backing for:

We need you because we are financially investing ourselves in this project and we need help to cover expenses like:

  • travel for the artists who have come together in Locarno, Switzerland,
  • costumes,
  • a few specific props for acrobatics and dance,
  • and of course food during this one month of creation, to make our bellies creative and happy!

We also need to pay a photographer and videomaker to take pictures and videos during the show. It will help us promote our show and bring it forward!

Thank you for your support !

«Unique female experience, period» © Konstantin Demeter
«Unique female experience, period» © Konstantin Demeter