Who we are

We are 2 * young wilds *, whose goal was to start a small transport company, in order to build up our own chunk house with a social background after 1.2 years. Now, surprisingly, we got the wonderful opportunity to realize our little dream on the direct way. We are now a member of the association ROSA from Berne and may now open our own autonomous branch in Aargau / Zurich


We need to get rid of a small financial thrust and now hope for this support with this Crowdfounding project.

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What is the Charity association * Rosa Brockenhaus 2.0

With the ROSA Brockenhaus 2.0, you would like to contribute to a creative and, above all, very human way of giving people new courage in difficult life situations and the motivation to direct themselves into a new direction. We have chosen the format secondhand shop, because we can combine many aspects under one roof.

Our own abilities and knowledge and our passions, which we want to pass on to others. The ROSA Brockenhaus 2.0 will be very lively. For the integration and work programs, we offer

  • MAKEOVER WORKSTATIONS. In which we pimp old, worn, but still well-preserved furniture to beautiful, as new and trendy one-offs. The basis is a solid, long-standing expertise in the processing of wood / furniture pieces. The artistic aspect is not neglected. Our candidates are invited to contribute their own ideas and implement them.

  • RECYCLING WORKSTATIONS. The idea of ​​reusability and sustainability is also reflected here. Allags as well as from * waste * like old sanitary pipes, Veloräder, Autopneus etc. can with the right portion imagination and skill to hipp and practical creations be changed. We are working in the area on a house design brand - from whose sales the association itself itself finances itself.

  • ° LANGUAGE TRAINING. We have a highly qualified and committed teacher on board. There is the possibility in German and French language schools. She is also a very skilled and successful motivator.

  • HOUSE-DECLUTTERING AND TRANSPORTS. In this area, we provide our association with the orders with the necessary financial resources, as well as the possibility in the future workers to adjust. The evacuations as well as the transports are directed by Mr. Fürst and a renowned, well-known expert who also supports us as a training person. He is an absolute professional in his field and a regular lecturer in training courses for renowned logistics companies

  • INSTRUCTIONS. We would like to offer the possibility of an apprenticeship in the area of ​​construction / interior design as well as logistics. We already have companies that support us. This path is still in the more precise clarification.

We will offer a selected webshop including home delivery – regular SALES and seasonal special offers. Our Brockenhaus 2.0 is to inspire and invite to the rummage. With a mixture of nostalgic vintage style we meet the nerve of the times – but without forgetting the original atmosphere of a chunky house

We also offer professional EXPERTISES for pictures, antiques and jewelery. We have an international expert at our side.

Further activities at ROSA Brockenhaus 2.0 will be:

  • Be regular brunches for our customers,
  • exhibitions,
  • Concerts,
  • various work shops,
  • Flea Markets.

We care about our candidates as well as our customers and want to be a living and colorful example for the integration of any ART

The ROSA Charity association is charitable, solidarity and does not pursue any economic interests. The financial needs are provided by:

  • Membership contributions
  • Income from the shop
  • Capital Contribution
  • Donations and legacies


We need the financial levy for

  • An Occassion transporter for house decluttering and transports.
  • Securing the first 3-month rents of the Brockis
  • Various tools and machines for the workshops
  • As well as for a logistical basic equipment.

Only when we are able to start – it will be possible to sit together with the various offices and institutions and to pave the way for new things in order to help other people in their more difficult life situations.

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With fun, passion and skills ... Together We can make a difference.