Help us to open Roxy Vinyl Cafe, a destination for coffee, drinks, vinyl hi-fi music, and art enthusiasts in Winterthur’s vibrant and vital cultural scene.

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Successfully concluded on 12/5/2022

Get to know Roxy

Winterthur is a gem in Switzerland, with a unique identity and culture. I want to contribute to this scene with a new music and arts café/bar dedicated to providing coffee, drinks, and quality music in an open and cozy cafe space. A place where anyone can visit to enjoy good coffee, quality craft beer, organic wine, or selected spirits – while a custom picked selection of music is played on vinyl turntables over an audiophile quality sound system. Anything from late 50s-60s bebop/hard-bop jazz, to roots dub, progressive chill-out electronica, or eclectic deep-cut audio journeys, all tuned closely to the time of day and the clientele.

This vision is heavily inspired by Japanese Jazz Kissa culture – small coffee bars serving coffee and drinks while the hosts play jazz records on vintage hi-fi systems. Until recently this was primarily a Japanese phenomena, but over the past decade or so the jazz kissa has inspired a growing number of wonderful vinyl cafes and listening bars around the globe.

What makes Roxy special?

This vinyl cafe & bar will be a new destination for music and coffee enthusiasts in Winterthur – a listening venue with a unique variation on typical retail coffee shops and bars, tapping into the strong music legacy of Winterthur, home to one of Europe’s longest running and widest known annual music open air festivals, Winterthur Musikfestwochen, as well as a variety of other excellent music clubs and event locales. We will have a custom vintage audiophile soundsystem to play the vinyl music in the way it was meant to be heard:

Thorens TD160 Vintage Turntable, ReVox B750 Vintage Amplifier, Tannoy Little Gold Monitor Vintage Speakers, and a pair of Technics SL-1200 DJ Turntables

What do we need for Roxy now?

I’ve secured an amazing location in Winterthur’s beloved Altstadt quarter, and need to raise additional funds for purchase and installation of the music system (audiophile quality turntables, speakers, amps/pre-amps, mixers and additional equipment), additional interior improvements, marketing, and startup operating capital. We’re taking over the space at Neustadtgasse 1a, which was most recently Das Bar, and formerly La Cyma Cafe, and have already begun renovating the interior and making additional changes and improvements.