Sarah Canzani

My life is music and music is my life. I started writing songs as a child. Over the years they matured into art that I’m truly proud of. But it was only when I met my husband-to-beAndreas Canzani, that we were able to make them really come alive. With the help of my beloved band, we’re now ready to present the very best of them.

The Album «Soul»

As I work as a singer and vocal coach, many poeple have asked me for a CD again and again... so here it comes!

For my band and me it is important to play music honestly. That’s why we will record the songs together and not instrument by instrument as this is common nowadays.

I also really feel my lyrics. In one song (it’s called «My Shoes», for example, I sing: Mama told me not to play with fire, my fingers still got burned. Maybe lessons we’ve been told ain’t no lessons learned. If you break in my boots, they’ll never be on straight. So baby, let me live my life the way I thing it’s right.

To me, the name of the album «Soul» means more than the definition of the music style: I really hope that I can touch the heart of at least some people. Get a first impression of it.

Die Band

«My guys» from all over Switzerland!

What you will get by backing this project

Many crowdfunding projects try to convince people with tempting gadgets. I hope that you really like our music and wanna be part of it. That’s why our rewards are more personal than material.

For example, Zaani, our producer and bass player, cartoons you!

You are welcome to drink coffee with us anyway! :)