Food container and medicinal products container with integrated chip which detects, monitors, records and indicates temperature and/or chemical-biological conditions reached.

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Concluded on 26/5/2020

Bottles stored under sunlight

The International Bottled Water Association recommends storing plastic water bottles at room or cool temperatures and always out of direct sunlight, but these provisions are not always respected. In fact, plastic water bottles are often stored outdoors under direct sunlight, and this can alter the product and compromise its genuineness and edibility. Every time we drink from a plastic bottle we risk ingesting toxic substances used to make the bottles, as these toxins can be released into the water if the bottle has been subjected to thermal stress.

On the consumer’s side

Safe-food is the perfect and innovative solution since the danger of contamination with toxic substances is taken down to zero by means of a technological device which detects and monitors the temperature of all types of containers over time, records it on a small integrated chip and indicates it directly on each container. We thus give the end consumer the possibility to know at all times what he is buying (and ingesting). The same device applied to frozen foods and medicines will thus guarantee to buyers that the former have not been refrozen and that the medicines have not exceeded the maximum storage temperatures, thus altering their curative characteristics and even becoming potentially dangerous. The device is innovative and consists of an electronic microprocessor, or «chip», capable of detecting, monitoring, recording and irreversibly indicating that a certain temperature has been exceeded. The device indicates it numerically or by forming an irreversible image, for example a conventional sign, a change of colour or something else that indicates that the temperature for which the microprocessor has been programmed has been exceeded. In order to apply the device to containers of different types and with different limit temperatures, the programming of the microprocessor just need be modified according to well known criteria and methods. Given the advanced state of technological development in the field of microprocessors, the device will be as thin as necessary and of a flexible type, so as to adapt to the shape of the casing on which it is applied, and can be made from fully biodegradable materials. In special cases of food or medicine containers, a micro-probe may protrude from this chip and after passing through the wall, dives in to the substance contained, and detects prefixed parameters (chemical composition, bacteriological load, etc.) thanks to an electronic analysis module incorporated in the chip itself. In these cases the microprocessor composes the already described conventional sign when the substance contained in the container reaches pre-established chemical and/or biological conditions according to which it has been programmed.

As far as the materials needed to realize the device according to the invention are concerned, they can be chosen among those known to IT technicians in order to obtain minimum size, maximum flexibility and maximum versatility for different applications. Of course, among the components of the microprocessor there will be a micro battery for the power supply of its electrical circuit.

Give me a chance to help

The companies previously contacted to industrialize this patent are more concerned about their interests than public health. They believe it would be counterproductive for them to adopt the device on their products because it would detect all wrong handling and storage operations of their products (think about the storage of mineral water in outdoor yards under direct sunlight, for instance…). Instead, I would like to be sure of what I buy, especially in time of Covid-19 pandemic. That’s why I rely on crowdfunding in the hope that you will help me to industrialize and commercialize the idea for the protection of my, your, and your children’s health. Risks and challenges We’re a team of motivated and passionate individuals working towards improving people’s lives. Our philosophy is to innovate with the help of technology to positively impact the world. We are confident that we can deliver a perfect and innovative solution for public health. However, there are some risks associated with obtaining licenses from the FDA. Reusability and recyclability All the raw material used is lead-free ROHS compliant, recyclable and reprogrammable.