The Idea

  • What if you could support your favourite charity just by using your mobile phone?
  • What if there was a mobile network operator that focused on community and doing something good, rather than on profit?
  • What if this operator had excellent network coverage, was backed by great customer service and didn’t cost any more than you pay for your current provider?
  • What if you could transfer your existing number for free?

That’s the idea behind «Schuhuu» – We want to create a new mobile phone operator where 10% of your net phone bill is donated direct to any Austrian registered charity of your choice, without any deductions, and without any extra cost to you.

A similar idea has existed in the UK since 2012. Now it’s time to make it better, more social and bring it to Austria.

In addition 25% of company profits will be donated to social projects and charitable causes, and customers will get a real say in the direction of the company.

The whole idea is about fairness and flexibility.

Our Partners

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The Product

We want to sell pre-pay only mobile phone tariffs, available to purchase online.

That means you choose a Tariff, we send you a SIM card, you put it in your mobile phone and you can make calls, text and browse the internet just like with any other phone provider.

We want to offer two simple tariffs, that we think cater for pretty much everyone:

  • 4000 Packet – 4000MB LTE Data up to 50 Mbit/s and 1000 Minutes or SMS
  • 8000 Packet – 8000Mb LTE Data up to 50 Mbit/s and 2000 Minutes or SMS

(These packages will last for 1 calendar month and you can choose to renew the next month, or pause or cancel any time.)

There are no catches, we just want to be fair.

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How it works

Did you know, there are more than 27 mobile network operators in Austria.

There are 3 major operators that own their own network infrastructure (A1, Drei & T-Mobile).

The remaining «virtual operators» lease the network infrastructure and optionally software systems and services (i.e customer service, SIM card packaging and delivery) needed to be a telco from the major operators.

Our Plan

We’ve negotiated a deal with one of the biggest network providers in Austria to lease all the infrastructure, software and services required to become our own independent virtual network operator.

(Independent is key – we want to make sure the direction and values of the company remain driven by us and our customers!)

We love the idea of doing something positive and now we want to find out if other people like it too. This is where you come in.

To take the next step, we need to sign the contracts and make an initial payment to the network provider.

To show your support, we’d like you to choose a reward.

We’ll use the money raised to print the initial SIM cards. 10% of your net tariff amount will go to the charity of your choice.

Anyone can support us

Even if you’re in a mobile phone contract, you can still support us and pre-order now, and we’ll make sure that everything’s ready for when you’re ready to join us.

For every customer who takes a reward, we’ve arranged to port your existing number (if you wish to) for free.

Our commitment to you

By supporting our campaign, we promise to be transparent and clear at every step in the journey.

We’ll publish updates on our progress here as we build our service, sign contracts, produce the SIM cards and have them shipped to you ready to put in your phone and use!

It takes up to 12 weeks to print and test the SIM cards. We estimate the whole process will take about 4 months from the successful closure of the campaign.

Reasons to support us

  • Just by switching your phone provider you’ll get to do something amazing and support your favourite charity, at no extra cost to you
  • We’ll make sure you always get good value and pay a fair price, doing something good shouldn’t cost you more
  • You get a real say in the direction of the company, how and what our products look like and what social causes the Schuhuu Foundation should support
  • Each month you will receive a confirmation of your donations

About Us

We’re a team of Marketing, Telco and Software experts with decades of experience working for big corporate names. Driven by the knowledge that there’s a better way to do business, we started to speak to Austrian Telco’s and charities about our idea in October 2015.

Since then we’ve seen first hand the important work charities are providing to local communities both here and abroad.

Our goal is to provide a new flexible and fair mobile phone provider that benefits the community it operates in.

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Some More Details

To make sure that 25% of the company profits always go to Social causes, we’ll set up the Schuhuu Foundation, a charity that will own 25% of the company. This way any profits made will be given direct to the Schuhuu Foundation and will be distributed direct to social causes that our members care about.

App Technology

We’ll build a website and App so you can manage your account online, and where you’ll be able to see which projects you are helping your chosen charity support.

You’ll also be able to receive news and updates on their progress.

The website will show our roadmap, of where we want to take the business, and every customer will have a voice in this.

If our customers have an idea, we want to hear it. If they don’t like an idea, we want to hear that too. Our website will allow users to vote and comment on the projects we do and the direction we go.

If you like the idea of «Schuhuu», we’d love it if you could support us and buy a reward.

App Technologie

Wir werden eine Webseite und einen App bauen, damit du dein Konto online verwalten kannst.

Du kannst so auch Neuigkeiten und Updates bekommen und einen Schnappschuss davon sehen, wieviel wir für was jeden Monat ausgegeben haben.

Wenn du die Idee von Schuhuu magst, würden wir uns freuen, wenn du uns unterstützen und deine Belohnung entgegen nehmen würdest.