The 4th Global Science Film Festival is taking place from 19 to 28 November 2021 in Zurich and Bern. The festival program includes film screenings, debates and awards. Be part of it!

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4th Global Science Film Festival

The Swiss Science Film Academy has been bringing society, filmmakers and science together with the Global Science Film Festival since 2017. The festival program includes film screenings (feature films, documentaries, short films), debates between scientists, filmmakers and the audience, and the awarding of the film prizes. A selection of films will be shown on various topics that affect our society today, such as health, climate, environment, new technologies and social changes. Films produced by Swiss scientists will be shown and nominated in the special category SCIENTISTS-AS-FILMMAKERS. The other categories are documentaries & feature length films and short films. The films awarded by the jury consisting of filmmakers and scientists will be awarded the «Walking Ibex» .

Together we connect science, film and society

Today, more than ever, society demands that scientists address the concerns of humanity and advise those in authority. Today, the public’s trust in research seems stronger than ever. The main problem, however, is communicating science to an audience that rarely engages with scientific issues in their daily lives. There is a lack of a common platform where researchers and society can meet and exchange ideas. That is why the Swiss Science Film Academy has established a multidisciplinary approach that includes the medium most used by a broad audience, film.

The festival offers space for encounters and dialogue, where filmmakers, researchers and the audience together have the unique experience of sitting in a cinema, watching film and debating it. Scientists and non-scientists discuss the content and messages of the films. In the process, the importance of science for our society is highlighted and the gap between research and society is bridged.

The Festival 2021 in Zurich should become more diverse and better known.

With your support, we can invite more scholars and filmmakers, organize more debates, and provide an aperitif for the filmmakers, scientists, and audience.