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SciFilmIt bridges the gap between science and emotion through film. Help us bring scientists and artists together to innovate science communication and create cinema films that we share with you.

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SciFilmIt is all about bridging the gap between science and emotion through film.

We are Ave (filmmaker), Fanny (PhD in Environmental science), Sandra (PhD in Molecular Biology), and Siim (marketing guru). We are convinced that science should be fun and accessible to everyone. That is why, we have made our mission to bring SciFilmIt Hackathon to Zurich.

What is a SciFilmIt Hackathon?

First, we bring scientists and artists together to create short cinema films to communicate science in a fun and easily understandable way. In just three days, each creator team decides on a scientific topic they want to communicate, writes a script, plans the shoot, films and edits. We support our budding creators by creating the world in which they will work for this three-day event. We provide food, space, equipment, and expert mentorship in science communication and filmmaking.

Second, we support the diffusion of short cinema films to the world. We organise online and/or physical free cinema evenings to share the final films. During those events, we give the opportunity to the public to debate with the film creators on important scientific topics that impact our day-to-day life.

In order to run the show, train young scientists and artists to science communication, and engage with the public on recent scientific discoveries… we need your support!

Health: Human and Planet

The Zurich SciFilmIt Hackathon 2021 will take place from 25th to 27th of June 2021 around the topic «Health: Human and Planet»

After more than a year under COVID-19 regulations, the question of human health is more than ever present in our day-to-day life and subject to debates. Human health is however not only related to diseases. Human health is physical, mental and social embracing all aspects of human life. Our social, economic, and politic systems have been rocked by the pandemic, but they also continue to generate «new diseases» including stress, racism, and inequalities. The degradation of natural systems on which we rely further threaten our ability to sustain human health.

What does science tell us about all the aspects of human and planet health?

During the hackathon, we will explore how scientists and artists from all backgrounds investigate human health and planet health, their relationships and common future.

We invite the public to join the online cinema event on 30th of June 2021 to discuss the short cinema films produced during the hackathon with the creators. We invite the public to question and challenge the perspectives presented in the films, exchange ideas and opinions, in order to build together a better understanding of what human health and planet health is.

This is where we need you!

The project is in the starting blocks. Dates and venue are booked with the University of Zurich. Six mentors coming from all Switzerland and Europe already committed to support six creator teams. Registration just opened and we already received applications from Swiss artists and young scientists from the university of Zurich and ETH that are more than ever motivated to challenge their research to the world of science communication and art.

But to run the show, we still miss 2000 CHF.

  • To rent filmmaking equipment
  • To ensure transport, accommodation and food for expert mentors that volunteer their time
  • To ensure coffee supply all day long to boost the creativity of all our budding creators
  • And last but not least, to provide a safe working environment to minimize risks regarding COVID-19

We have 30 days to raise the funds and make this transformative adventure possible, which can only happen with your support. Any additional Swiss franc above the target will allow us to open more seats and make this experience accessible to more budding creators.

Become an engaged moviegoer by backing our project and help communicating science to the world through film! In exchange, we invite you to an online cinema event at the end of the Hackathon (30/06/2021) to share the final short cinema films with you. This is a unique opportunity to debate social questions and scientific discoveries with the film creators. In addition, you can download all the final cinema films plus bonus revealing what is happening behind the stage and watch the cinema event in replay. You receive sweets and crackers in your mailbox that you can enjoy from your sofa during the online cinema event to make this experience even more unique.

Do not miss our SciFilmIt face mask and mug specially design for the event!

You can be more than an engaged moviegoer! Sponsor us! With the sponsor package, we give you credits on the final short cinema movie. Imagine your name (yes, your name!) at the end of the short cinema films, on our dedicated sponsor page of our website, and all our communication materials.

You are a filmmaker, an artist, a storyteller, a science-lover and want to be part of the adventure? Send your application until the 15th of June through our website and become a film creator of the Zurich SciFilmIt Hackathon 2021 (

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    Creativity in a cup of tea
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