A documentary about Rudolf Steiner and the fruits of his ideas. An independent project filmed in Ticino, Switzerland, focusing on the fields of study where Steiner's ideas have been most fruitful.

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A documentary film about Rudolf Steiner, his ideas and the love he had for life, nature and mankind

«The meaning of life is to give life meaning.»

A dynamic high quality documentary focusing on Rudolf Steiner and the fields of study where his ideas have been particularly fruitful: education, agriculture, medicine and sociotherapy.

A new look at the thoughts of a man considered to be a visionary, a polemic philosopher, an artist, a poet, a renovator, an intelectual, a man who left us an immeasurable heritage of new thoughts and knowledge but who’s ideas are still barely known or understood.

A project that aims at promoting thoughts and ideas that could nurture many important initiatives in several fields and in many ways. Wise thoughts, potentially universal and timeless, thoughts that could have a major practical impact in the world, thoughts that stimulate people to find the courage to meditate on the intents of their actions and to pursue a life of purpose.

Who was Rudolf Steiner? What did he stand for? What was he looking for? Was he an extraordinary clairvoyant yet to be understood, or just another philosopher whose ideas are becoming old-fashioned? What are the bases of anthroposophical medicine, of biodynamic agriculture, of eurythmy, and what are the principles of Waldorf education?

In a dynamic combination of interviews and slices of everyday life at several Steiner-based institutions, featuring interviews with those who receive, apply or teach according to his instructions, we try to answer these questions. We endeavor to bring new light to his thoughts, ideals and the fruits of his ideas, using the setting of Ticino, Switzerland to illustrate this reality.

«Today, we have knowledge of many, many things and the relations among human beings have multiplied ad infinitum. But we live in cities that are like deafening factories in awful Babels, with nothing to remind us of our inner world. Our communion with this inner world is not through contemplation but through books. We have passed from intuition into intellectualism.» Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925)

A unique documentary film: deep, moving, clear, straight to the point, difficult to forget.

How much can human ideals and the nature of human beings change while the external world mutates and accelerates? Can one remain healthy while rejecting the spiritual component of humankind? What is a healthy adult? What are the pedagogical foundations for a healthy life? Are these different from those valid 100 or 200 years ago? How important is art and rhythm in school and in life in general? How can we respect the Earth and use it in a regenerative, sustainable way? 

Rudolf Steiner has left us an immeasurable heritage of new thoughts, knowledge, insights and initiatives whose potential is still, to a great extent, to be discovered, understood, and applied. His work is huge, vast, and spreads over a great number of fields. He did approximately 6,000 conferences and the contents are available today in more than 300 volumes, in addition to his books.

The initiatives born out of his thoughts have applications in many fields of human life, among which are biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophic medicine, eurythmy, the art of speech, Waldorf education, and «living» architecture.  

The documentary Seeds for the Future was born out of a spontaneous initiative of Susana, Waldorf parent and business project manager, very enthusiastic about the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

Filippo Barbiere (videomaker & director) and Gabriele Lenzi (Waldorf parent and technical assistant at Swiss Ticino TV, RSI) soon supported the idea and joined the team with enthusiasm and solid technical skills. Several people, well qualified, freely offered their help as consultants to guarantee the accuracy of the contents.

We are working, to a great extent, as volonteers. We are dedicating our time to spread the vision of a man still ignored or misundersatood by most people, thoughts and ideas which we believe are incredibly wise and that could be precious for the future of mankind.

With the goal of producing a short documentary about Rudolf Steiner, the first funding campaing was held through and we managed to collect CHF 7’900 private contacts and institutions related to Steiner. The funds collected in this first phase allowed us to feel confident enough to start the shooting and interviewing process and were enough to assure a 25-minute documentary in italian. All institutes contacted for shooting and interviews sustained and collaborated with us from the very beginning.

Now, considering the great richness of the footage and of the interviews conducted (more than 45 interviews, 5 institutes covered and more than 70 hours of footage), we firmly believe that it is worth it to produce a long-lasting film of 45-50 minutes, able to reach many people, both in Swizerland and abroad.

If you really love life or if you believe that education and health (body, mind and soul) are key pillars worthy of our investment, then THIS PROJECT IS ALSO FOR YOU.

It is the first independent non-profit documentary about Rudolf Steiner filmed mainly in Ticino, Switzerland, but still, its contents are above the concept of nations.

Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha0EtSJ56Zs&t=28s

We need backing to finish editing a high quality documentary of 45-50 minutes and to translate it in two languages.

The material we have and the importance of these themes deserve no doubt a longer documentary able to cross-borders!

To be able to edit and finalize the 45-50 minute documentary and to translate it fully in at least two languages (english and german; it is originally in italian) we still need CHF 5’900.- and your help is precious! If we manage to collect more we shall translate the documentary in more languages (french, spanish and/or portuguese). We could also invest more in the graphic design and on the distribution.

We are planning on making a minimum of two public cinema presentations but others may be organized, in Switzerland or abroad, in case of interest. After the presentation phase, the film will be commercialized through DVDs, streaming and later it will be freely distributed on the internet (reduced or full version).

Any revenues accruing from the distribution of the documentary, after all production costs are covered, will be donated in charity.

We propose to produce, with less than CHF 14’000 in funding, a high quality documentary film which, without the free time we’re donating, would cost CHF 30’000-40’000 to be produced (market prices for a documentary of this duration and quality). But to do it your help is crucial!

Promotional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha0EtSJ56Zs&t=28s

Thank you so much for your trust in our work and for your financial support! We’re available for any queries you may still have regarding the project.

With gratitude, Susana, Filippo & Gabriele