Luke ist depressiv und stark selbstmordgefährdet, jedoch gibt es Menschen und vor allem eine Stimme in seinem Leben, die ihn immer wieder daran hidern sein Leben hinter sich zu bringen...

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Successfully concluded on 15/7/2015


  • Genre: A psychological drama
  • Duration: about 12 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Release: Autumn 2015

Luke’s getting ready for his last day, as he’s planned to put an end to his life. Shortly before he carries it out, things start getting strange. He tries by many means, but every time results in failure. As the plot develops the story takes a surprise turnaround, where Luke is forced to confront reality…

With our short film Self Deceit we want to raise awareness about the increasing suicide rates in developed countries. With it we hope to reach out to those who find themselves in similar situations and give them hope. Suicide should no longer be a taboo topic, since it’s a growing problem in our society.

The main team of Self Deceit

We are ’Digital Film and Animation’ students at SAE Institute Vienna.

Director Rodrigo Marion Pino, DoP Peter Keplinger and Sebastian Fröhlich, who’s in charge of all organizational matters, have an eye for young talent and keen attention to detail. We are highly motivated and enthusiastic about this project. Along with the ’Self Deceit’ team we will cooperate with professionals in their areas of expertise to produce the optimum result.


Jürgen Heigl (Luke) is the perfect fit for the main role in ’Self Deceit’. With a complex role to perform in this movie, Jürgen will help tell the story through his profound acting and years of experience. Marie-Luise Haugk will be playing the role of Michelle. She blew us away with her stunning soothing voice at the auditions. A perfect fit!

Why should you fund this project?

We are young, innovative and would like to fulfill that dream of producing a professional short film. We are able to do this, along with our talented team. We want to make something new, different, innovative which will leave a mark on those who watch it.

What happens to the money after successful funding?

100% of the obtained fundings will be used for equipment rental, location permits, make-up and wardrobe material, the provision of transport and special equipment. Additionally some funding money will be used to rent a cinema hall for premieres in Autumn. DVDs, posters and t-shirts will be produced along with many other fan articles of ’Self Deceit’.

Other ways you can offer support

Are you unable to help finance this project? There’s something that you can still do: Share this page on your Facebook site! Thank you very much!