What’s the project about?

We want to create an amazing short film. A film which touches people all around the world and inspires them. And which at the same time makes a dream of Franzi and mine come true. The short film will be in German with English subtitles.

Who are WE? – Our vision.

  • There are 2 of us:

Franziska Pernegger, a great soon-to-be actress, who wants to follow her dream – acting. One day Franzi wants to play in great movies. Movies which encourage people to think in a new way.

  • And then there’s me:

William Tolson. Here you can find a couple of videos I’ve made so far: https://www.youtube.com/user/willyremix/videos – I have already worked at different film production companies. However, now I want to follow my dream too and create an own short film. Bringing a story to life, which touches people’s hearts and truly inspires them.

The Story of the film: Grandpa, Dance with me!

The career of an Austrian national ballet mistress comes to a sudden end after an accident. Her Grandpa and the residents of an old-people’s home help her finding a new fulfilling purpose in life.

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What’s our goal?

With this movie we want to approach topics which are rooted deep inside all of us. Questions for the purpose of life or what truly make us happy. A criticism to our society where from school on everything is about performance, career, beauty, perfection and competition.

We oversee the most important things. That we can also find limitless joy in the small things and in the people around us.

Why do we need YOU?

We need your support…

  • Because we want to take good care of the whole team: Everybody at the film set works without getting paid. That means the least we want to do is provide a nice catering.
  • Because we want to make the film as good as possible: Impressive camera moves and compelling pictures, which intensify the emotions of the viewer and of our story – that’s what we want.
  • Because we don’t just want to film well but also have a good end result. Editing, colour correction, sound and music are essential for a good film.
  • Because we want to share the movie with the world: So we can produce DVDs and organize a film premiere. And so we’re able to submit our finished short film at film festivals all around the world.

Finally there’s just one more thing to say – THANK YOU!

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