We’ve almost reached our goal! Schaffhausen is planning to build a Skatepark.

CHF 10’340

114% of CHF 9’000

"114 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 4/8/2016

We’ve almost reached our goal!

This autumn Schaffhausen will recieve a Skatepark!

As we went over the cost summary, we came to the conclusion that it is not enough money to cover the needed elements and to realize our ideas. With the current budget we have to make many cuts. Unfortunately we’re short of CHF 56’000-. But it’s not too late. If we manage to collect enough money for some of the elements then we can avoid these cuts.

Why do we need your support?

With your help and support you can allow us to build the following items:

  • Granite Cover (Curbs & Ledges) (CHF 4890): With the sum of CHF 4’890- we will be able to set ledges and curbs of granite stone. This provides smooth slides and grinds. Improves the fun factor of the park!

  • Pool Coping (CHF 3220): Instead of metal tubes as a coping, we want to build in real stone coping. The way original pools are built! This enables real Pool – Skate – Feeling in the park.

The Project

The idea of a Skatepark in Schaffhausen has been around for quite a long time. But to realize this project there was a club needed to get it going. The Skateboard Club of Schaffhausen was founded in 2012.

Together with ’Grün SH’, we found the perfect spot on the far eastern section of the ’Freizeitanlage Dreispitz’, in Herblingen, Schaffhausen. In coorporation with the district association, local residents and neighbours we were able to do the preparation for this project. Next to the skatepark there is also a small green park planned open for all skaters, as well for the public. The set up of the park was put together carefully with the help of Basel skate legend, Oli Bürgin. The park will meet all levels and ages of skaters. Local building companies were taken into account, building begin is very near and the opening of the park is set for the end of this year.


The financing for a basic layout of the park is set. Because of the planned cuts to save money, the quality of the park will be greatly reduced. The cuts may sound like small details, but these elements are very important for the safety and the fun of the park.

The two elements (granite curbs & pool coping) are something we absolutely do not want to give up.

If we exceed our goal through wemakeit.com, the following elements can also be financed:

  • Permanent dark - colored concrete. ( natural colored concrete is blinding in sunlight and therefore a hazard) (CHF 23’600.-)
  • Natural stone surface as an alternative to the concrete park. For a unique skate - experience. (CHF 14’900.-)
  • Edging in brick optic used for all slanted area of the skatepark. (CHF 1’000.-)
  • Pattern slabs and exposed concrete. (CHF 8’700.-)

For further information please check out our website!