What is Sm'art food?

Sm’art food wants to be a new concept of business activity, where in addition to food it offers the possibility of promoting and encouraging the artistic creativity of customers. The basic idea is to create a youthful space where social-cultural interactions take place. The Sm’art food project is based on five objectives, two of which are fundamental points. The first is to promote knowledge of the artistic movement born in Switzerland, the Dadaism. The second is to give to young people the opportunity to exhibit their works for free inside our activity, from paintings to drawings, from photos to sculptures. The project also includes a painting competition, a musical competition for solo artists and bands, and last but not least, the reduction of our environmental impact, by providing free reusable water bottles, compostable straws and cutlery, and increasing organic products at 0 km, mostly vegetables.

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The project in detail

The project foresees a re-adaptation of our current take-away, Punto P Pasta e Pizza, in an «artistic» place that, while offering take-away products, will achieve five creative and stimulating objectives: the first is to promote Dadaism. To this will be dedicated a permanent exhibition called «what’s dada?» With Dada posters, t-shirts, cups and caps aimed at spreading interest and knowledge on this artistic movement. The second goal is to give to new-artists or art lovers the chance to exhibit their works for free on our exhibition walls. The central position of our business and our large windows offer to the artist an important visibility both inside and outside. The third point involves a contest for emerging painters where the canvases will be replaced with pizza cartons and the works will be exhibited in the glass wall.

The fourth aspect of the project is the promotion of a musical competition. The competition, which will be both for soloists and for bands, consists in sharing an audio / video of the song on our Facebook page and will be the most voted piece to win the prize for the category. For the soloist a voucher will be offered as a gift that will give the opportunity to record a complete track (rec, mix, and mastering) at the Box Studio in Locarno. For the band, a voucher to spend at Dimensione Musica in Locarno. As a fifth and final point, we would like to reduce our environmental impact by supplying compostable cutlery and straws and distributing reusable water bottles for free, and finally increasing the use of vegetables at km 0 by creating partnerships with local farmers. We have already started with a partial transformation of our restaurant, starting for example with the printing of some prototypes of what’s dada shirts, having made available books and comics free for customers and having exhibited the works of some young artists in a space, however limited. Unfortunately, What we have done is not enough to develop all the points of the project. The importance of your support!

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Your support is needed to:

  • Adapt our activity by creating an exhibition space equipped with tracks, spotlights and partition walls
  • Sponsor the recording (Box Studio) of a music piece by an emerging artist, where the winner will be determined by an online competition
  • a 500 chf. voucher to spend in a music store (Dimension Music) for an emerging band where the winner will be determined by an online competition
  • Promote an alternative painting competition where the painters will use pizza cartons instead of the canvas, which will then be displayed in our exhibition walls
  • To spread the knowledge of DADA through a permanent exhibition of DADA posters, gadgets, prints
  • Purchase of water bottles to give for free to our customers to reduce the environmental impact
  • Increase local vegetables in our kitchen by starting partnerships with local farmers
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