The first gastronomic and ethical restaurant in Geneva

A gourmet meal is still too often an experience reserved for a privileged clientele, which comes first for a chef and then for his creations. Our collective, called «Société anonyme cuisiniers», intends to revolutionize this muffled world while strengthening the social bond. Our chefs will let their dishes speak, carrying a simple message: «gastronomy is, of course, imagination and technique, but it is above all synonymous with conviviality and sharing. » Thus, with its 12 seats, our establishment will be warm and intimate, conducive to the conversation with the chef, passing behind his counter. For our group, it seems natural to delight gourmets from all kinds of life, while redistributing resources. To this end, we will open the first space of this kind, to everyone, working in particular with social structures.

The «fifth day» Open four days to the public, the restaurant SAC will propose a bistronomic, local, healthy and organic food offer, from a perspective of sustainability. On the fifth day, the same menu will be served to less fortunate people sent by partner associations. For free! The chefs will thus be keen to prove that it is not necessary to utilize expensive or exotic products, to make exceptional cuisine. On the contrary, they will rely mostly on rare products of the region, with extraordinary taste, and on the talents of small local producers. Why this concept of the «fifth day»? First of all because the SAC wants everyone to savor the wonders offered by the Geneva terroir; second, because in today’s kitchen, an essential ingredient is often missing: humanity. This ethical principle governs fair trade, but not yet the gastronomic restaurant scene. In 2018, it is time to propose another economic model, based on redistribution and inclusion!

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With your support we ensure our first days

The funds raised by this crowdfunding campaign will be used to cover the costs of the restaurant and its «fifth day», at least the first few months. Specifically, it involves buying the pre-opening inventory, building operating capital and providing paid training for staff. Normally, opening a restaurant means facing the risk: risk of having insufficient funding, risk of delays before opening, risks related to the management of goods and labor. The project Société Anonyme Cuisiniers is unusual and, however, it has an additional risk factor, with its innovative «fifth day» principle. Fortunately, the restaurant is on track to see the light in the end of spring 2018. Work is underway, the equipment has been ordered, and, as important, the chefs are ready, with their talent and experience. To begin this social and tasty adventure, we need you!

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A group of chefs for a manifesto project

The idea of the «Fifth Day» is brought by chef Walter el Nagar. His last creation, the Fiskebar, is, according to the Gault & Millau 2017, distinguished for «his artistic creations and games of textures» . With other talented chefs from around the world, he founded the Société anonyme cuisiniers, a collective that prides itself on a real social and culinary bias. Modern craftsmen, rather than «genius artists», the members of the collective seek to shake the certainties and to make react their hosts by their creativity. These chefs are determined to change the perception of gourmet cuisine, as well as to revolutionize the current but outdated model of catering and hospitality.

The Société anonyme cuisiniers integrates in its creative process men and women of value - artisans, farmers, producers - and its guests, from all backgrounds and all origins. The initiative of the «Fifth Day» is its realization. From the kitchen of the Société anonyme cuisiniers emanates a scent of novelty and generosity, in the image of the society of tomorrow. Everyone shall see it from this spring.

The Fifth Day needs you! Talk about this project around you, on Facebook or elsewhere (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), share this page! Together, let gastronomy reach all mouths.

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