We will build the cleanest and most innovative solar electric yachts in Switzerland and offer them worldwide. Support clean waters, ecological lifestyle with direct impact on sea and ocean.

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Concluded on 15/8/2022

Solar-powered electric yachts from Switzerland

Exosphere AG, headquartered in Switzerland, is a sustainability award-winning manufacturer of photovoltaic-supported yachts with electric propulsion.

Solar cells in the modern yachts increase the performance and range enormously. Pollutants are not emitted and operating costs are greatly minimised. Co² neutral production and sustainable biological construction offer a unique lifestyle at sea without a guilty conscience. This is our contribution to a modern and clean world and we hope for support from the community.

The solar roofs we have developed for our boats are unique. They will also be available separately as a retrofit. A first prototype is currently being prepared and will be launched in 2023.

We are asking for people’s support so that we can have clean waters in the future.

Help us bring a vision to the water. Thank you very much.

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    exosphere study
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    Exosphere design studie
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Patented differentiation and relevance with sensation in the boat market

We develop our patented solar roofs ourselves. Within 5-6 days of standing, the boat charges itself or prevents rapid unloading during trips. Quietly and with little maintenance, we offer unique sports boats here - a worldwide premiere with a unique selling point. An equally self-developed app provides charging voltage, charging times and range. The boats meet all requirements in terms of comfort and technical demands. We have a vision and want to share it transparently and ethically for people within an economically optimised enterprise.

Our vision of clean waters and happy people

Electric boats do not cause any residues in the waters and are very quiet, powerful and digitalised. Therefore, we have also decided on a bioneutral underwater paint, a safe construction (incl. propeller protection for humans and animals) and of course a CO² neutral production. With the help of our supporters, we want to get creative ideas and opinions on board and thus adapt the production to the needs of the people in order to get as many clean boats on the water as possible.

  • Exosphere solteq roof
    Exosphere solteq roof