Spiracles, LES is a label for life and all it’s vibrating liasons. A place as a platform for people and im/possible contents, located at the Klybeckquai in Basel, on the river front of the rhine.

CHF 5’750

115% of CHF 5’000

115 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

60 backers

Successfully concluded on 10/6/2015

The Project

Spiracles, LES is the attempt to create a place where people and contents merge and new things can evolve out of it. Detached from market economic dependancies, the space around the chromatic camouflage-mobile-home at the Klybeckquai should become a platform, where people meet at different times by means of different contents and formats to start a dialogue. From taking time, eating together and drinking moroccan tea, over short movie nights, beauty farms, small flee markets or sculpture exhibitions to Jazz improvisations and musical balearic journeys, Spiracles, LES is here to bring people together so a we can arise from it.

Spiracles, LES is Tobias Holzer & Flavio Karrer.

C’est si bon, parce qu’on prends le temps

Since a few years the Klybeckquai is undergoing constant chances and sometimes left scorched earth. Arrived in the present a variety of people start to create their personal ideas of space and fill it with content and formats. Some may call this in-between-solutions because it is only here for a certain amount of time.

Spiracles, LES short-changes this to create a platform for all those who think that content and quality is still more relevant than all kinds of wrappings & quantity. But to describe such a thing with words is only possible to a certain point. The remains begin at the very moment when we meet each other a the harbour & take our time for one thing or the other.

The project at the Klybeckquai is restricted to the summer days and nights and can only take place as long as we can stay outside. The vouchers for the different rewards will be sent by mail. After this all of the backers must get in contact with us so we can find time to come together. Since this is not a regular restaurant or bar we can only offer a limited set of food and drinks at the same time. But this also means, that it will never be too crowded and we promise you a time full of tranquilidad.

Why We Need You!

The project at the river is not made for profit or income. Further more the goal is that such a place can exist without big dependancies but out of relationships to each other. Besides covering the costs for the rewards, the money will be used to pay for the fixed costs, such as rent for the place, water, gas and electricity. In addition, there are smaller and bigger investments in the revegetation of the stone desert, kitchen inventory and some furnishing to make Spiracles, LES a place to linger around & take your time. Last but not least the money will be used to pay all the people involved – whether it’s the jazz band, the short film maker or the artists for their effort & work. For all those kind of projects we will provide the needed infrastructures.

Attention Attention

Spiracles, LES also stands for a certain attitude, a non-consumption-attitude. Of course you can never dissolve such dependencies completely. But the effort to do so begins the latest when you support us & we enter into a dialogue to arrange everything else (dependent on time, weather & contents). This shouldn’t be complicated and hopefully brightens you in the inside even more and finally helps us to consume less and therefore spend more time with the people and contents.

Anyways: It is what it is. So Thank you for your support!

Obrigado milhar vez. Tusend tak.