We need you help for our non-bureaucratic humanitarian project !

We are 5 who will go to Greece from 21 till 31 July 2016, to deliver material and help out in a refugee camp.

One week, a sprint, to go there where we can be useful.

We will support those who take care of the refugees that arrive on a daily basis. We will bring material, and buy things refugees need on the spot.

We are choosing to undertake this basic, solidary action in an non-bureaucratic way, without any intermediary organizations.

And we need your financial contribution, in order for our action Sprinter Aid to succeed.


Who are we ?

We are neither super heroes, nor are we tourists that are looking for cheap thrills. We are simply people like you, who would like to help.

We are Rana Bassil (32, graphic designer/ event planner), Jérôme Berbier (39, industrial designer), Filip Berte (40, artist), Sally De Kunst (42, director artist residency) and Christina Gräni (39, graphic designer).

Where will your money go ?

Your money will go with us to Greece, in order to buy the first aid material that refugees need.

Support us today with a contribution and invite your friends to do so as well !

Thanks for your help!

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