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successful projects close to Matadi in agriculture

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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Matadi. But this may be of interest to you.
Food, agriculture, and Fair Trade

Cocoa Valley Chocolate

Our project is to create a workshop from the processing beans to the tablet for individuals and professionals.
Our recipes are original and authentic.
by COCOA VALLEY Chocolats Bio Pure origine Cameroun, Annecy, Geneva, and Bangangte
114% funded
CHF 26’392 pledged
81 backers
Agriculture, Environment, and Education

Permakultur-Pioniere in Togo

Lass uns 60 Pionierbäuerinnen unterstützen bei der Umstellung ihrer Felder von Mono- auf Permakultur: Tausende neue Bäume, nachhaltiger Bodenaufbau, Vielfalt, gesunde Handarbeit, mehr Lebensqualität.
by Lucas Baumann and Verein Happy Togo, Gboto
113% funded
CHF 68’050 pledged
271 backers
Agriculture and Environment

Bamboo Agroforestry

BIDG aims to introduce an integrated, resilient and sustainable Bamboo-Agroforestry-System to reduce the poverty and hardship of local communities and smallholder farmers.
by "BIDG" Bamboo for Integrated Development Ghana, Accra
105% funded
CHF 31’670 pledged
70 backers
Agriculture, Fair Trade, and Education

Neues Schulhausdach in Gomoa

Die Kinder unserer Kokos-Bauern in Gomoa (Ghana) brauchen Hilfe. Wir möchten der dortigen Junior-Highschool einen neuen Deckeneinbau finanzieren.
by Mahler & Co. feine Biowaren, Afranse
102% funded
CHF 5’650 pledged
50 backers
Startup, agriculture, and Technology

Digitizing Farming in Kenya

SOKO is an agriculture startup that aims to digitize sheep farming. It will empower smallholder farmers to make a living from raising healthy sheep and sell them without going through intermediaries.
by Sabine Godinez and Mwangi Maina, Kenia
103% funded
CHF 15’470 pledged
100 backers
Agriculture, Environment, and Education

It goes on: Organic training

This community supported us in providing training opportunities for smallholder cocoa and coffee farmers in Uganda. The outcome was a great success! Support us in expanding our reach even further.
by Lina Te, Mukono
108% funded
CHF 4’329 pledged
26 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Organic training in Uganda

Organic is booming. But organic farming requires much knowledge that many farmers don't have. A group of farmers in Uganda is looking forward to receiving knowledge and the benefits of organic farmig.
by Lina Te, Mukono
103% funded
EUR 7’245 pledged
47 backers
Startup and Agriculture

Siaka's Farm

2. Finanzierungsrunde für den Aufbau einer Hühner-, Rinder- und Schweinefarm in Burkina Faso / Afrika. Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen und Aufbau eines nachhaltig und ökologisch betriebenen Betriebes.
by OlliDegen, Laye Department
111% funded
CHF 6’675 pledged
46 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Environment

Healthy Farms for Kenya

Let’s achieve healthy and sustainable farms for Kenyan consumers and smallholder farmers! Water shortages, climate change and pollution are all challenges, which will be tackled with your support.
by Caroline Moraza, Lucas Zahl, Silke Stoeber, and Esther Kiruthi, Kiserian
107% funded
EUR 6’434 pledged
45 backers
Agriculture, Music, and Community

Yaye's Soundsystem

Hi Guys, I want to help a local township promote the benefits of communal farming by giving them a soundsystem. Read the explanation below. Thanks for your consideration!
by Luki, Addis Ababa
133% funded
CHF 2’673 pledged
30 backers
Agriculture and Community

Organic Farming in Gambia

In order to produce enough income for the village, the organic farming needs a repair of the solar-powered irrigation system and a used tractor.
by Alihage Marong, Gambia
166% funded
EUR 10’812 pledged
28 backers
Agriculture and Kids / Youth

Pour que vive Enewje

Nous souhaitons contribuer à la construction d'un poulailler à Enewje en Mauritanie afin de permettre une meilleure alimentation des habitants de ce village du désert, affectés par la malnutrition.
by Natascha Gaillard, Ouadane
102% funded
CHF 16’450 pledged
62 backers