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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Beijing. But this may be of interest to you.

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Film, Community, and Performing Arts

Zetribu: a tour in the world

This project combines family, theatre, cinema, documentary, new technology, volunteering and pedagogy and is both a cultural act and a great desire to meet others!
by Ze Tribu - Un Tour Dans le Monde, Moscow, Shanghai, and San Salvador
101% funded
CHF 15’235 pledged
140 backers

A Shanghai Documentary

A young cinema student leaving for 50 days to Shanghai with one goal: let you discover the mind-blowing inside of the current lifestyle in the most populated city of the Middle Empire.
by Vincent Willommet, Shanghai
100% funded
CHF 1’000 pledged
11 backers
Photography, Film, and Journalism

Living on the pipes of Ulan Bataar

Multimedia-Reportage über Obdachlose, die auf Leitungssystemen unter der Erdoberfläche leben in Zusammenarbeit mit Hilfswerken.
by Kostas Maros, Ulaanbaatar
134% funded
CHF 6’730 pledged
64 backers
Film, Music, and Community

Cibbie – the Documentary

In February 2017, Cecilia Borromeo Lutz (aka Cibbie) was diagnosed with ALS. Two years later, the illness spread rapidly leaving her unable to speak and walk. «Cibbie» tells her story.
by KHA, Vevey, Lausanne, and Manila
110% funded
CHF 22’100 pledged
204 backers
Film, Kids / Youth, and Environment

The dream of Inle Lake child

This is a documentary about the environment. The children of Inle Lake dream that one day their region and country will finally get rid of all plastic waste.
by Raphael Blanc, Inle
120% funded
CHF 18’000 pledged
67 backers
Film and Kids / Youth


A Documentary Film featuring a Kid living in the Slums of Phnom Penh. This short film will raise awareness about the reality of the children working to survive.
by ND Strupler, Phnom Penh
111% funded
CHF 950 pledged
8 backers

ma maman devient nonne

Le film présente ma mère, une femme entrepreneuse, mariée et mère de deux enfants, qui fait le choix de devenir nonne bouddhiste et de quitter sa vie en Suisse pour une vie monastique au Nepal.
by Malena, Nepalgunj, Hohhot, and Nepalgunj
117% funded
CHF 11’547 pledged
57 backers

A summer with Kyrgyz nomads

4 months in a yurt with a Kyrgyz nomad family on the remote summer pastures at 3000m – a documentary about their hidden lifestyle, culture and traditions.
by Nadine Boller, Song-Kul
203% funded
CHF 10’150 pledged
73 backers

Ella Maillart: le film

Ella Maillart fut l’une des plus grandes aventurières du 20ème siècle. De la Suisse jusqu’en Asie Centrale, nous sommes partis sur ses traces. Ce film raconte les voyages extraordinaires de sa vie.
by Artemis Films Production, administrateur, and Raphael Blanc, Karakol, Bishkek, Barskoon, Chandolin, and Geneva
104% funded
CHF 31’355 pledged
80 backers
Film and Architecture

Didi Contractor

A documentary about the life and work of the Architect Didi Contractor, who at the age of 85, is building sculpture-like houses from earth, bamboo, slate and river stone in North India.
by individuofilm, Shimla
107% funded
CHF 10’731 pledged
55 backers
Film, Festival, and Technology

True Feel of Cinema!

Tibet Film Festival – India requires a professional equipment (projector, Sound, etc.) to create the magic of a theatre experience with sharp image and clear sound.
by Tibet Film Festival (Zürich/Dharamsala), Dharamshala
106% funded
CHF 5’341 pledged
46 backers

Sie in ihm

A man desires a woman. She becomes his obsession. Desperate, he tries the impossible: to escape his possession.
by R.R. Benbach, Aralsk
104% funded
CHF 4’180 pledged
39 backers