What's this crazy adventure?

In January, La Tribu, made up of a couple of Geneva actors and two «worldschoolers» teenagers, will take off for a year-long adventure around the world. A journey that comes to life thanks to an impressive number of artistic projects that are resolutely focused on meeting people. This world tour includes a family trip, an educational project, immersion experiences, three theatre shows, a feature film, a documentary, a VLOG and a newspaper.

The Swiss Embassy offers us precious moral and logistical support and makes of our project a very nice definition: «Mixing theatre, volunteering and pedagogy, this Geneva-based project seems to us to be both a cultural act and a remarkable desire to meet people; it therefore has its place in the cultural exchange between Switzerland and other countries. Therefore, we encourage any cultural or other institution to participate in this project and support the Landenberg family during its journey.»

All projects are developed on the website www.zetribu.com


An artistic and family project

In our luggage, we take with us two theatre shows applauded by the public and the press in Switzerland and France, to offer them to French alliances all over the world and also a street show, featuring the whole family and the young acrobats. It will be used as a gift, on the roads, according to the meetings.

We don’t stop there and we will shoot a fiction feature film, a story of crossed, straight love stories, under the Central American sun. The family is honoured to be thrilled under the watchful eye of a special director with exceptional projects, Fred Baillif and an outstanding screenwriter, star of the French-language scenes, Fabrice Melquiot.

You will also benefit from the trip because we are preparing a travel diary filmed with a 360° camera, a blog and videos and even a newspaper, printed and sent by people with disabilities who are participating in an integration programme.

So we can take the spectators and readers with us, immerse you in the journey and allow you to share with us this incredible adventure.

And this journey, like an initiatory journey, allows us to observe and make the most of our young men, teenagers who are growing so fast, to transmit to them values that are essential to our eyes and to steal a year from life to be as close as possible to them. It is also the story of their childhood that they will leave, that they may have already left a little, without realizing it, without warning us and at the same time to cultivate all our souls as children.

We have chosen to travel by rail, because there is something magical about train travel and because, in the face of current problems, it is a response to the need to travel but using a means of transport with a low ecological impact. The train is an adventure in itself, an experience, an intense introspection.


Your support is essential!

Thanks to you, we will be able to offer dreams, emotions, breathtaking images and intense travel stories to as many people as possible. All our artistic and human skills are at the service of this immense and exceptional project.

Your donations will go towards trips to countries and cities that lack resources in Russia, Asia and India, among others, and will allow us to offer them performances of our three shows, but also to produce the VLOG and the monthly journal that you can receive at home with intense stories and wonderful images. You can also support the distance education of our two teenagers by subsidizing courses that will help them make their dreams come true when they return from the adventure. In this way, you ensure the formal learning that will complement the many skills acquired in such an adventure. You also allow us to improve the minimum comfort of this wonderful trip and cover health-related expenses. You are also laying the foundation stone for the making of the feature film that will conclude the adventure and whose shooting is scheduled for late 2020 in El Salvador, Central America.

Theatre, cinema, video, writing and family adventure will succeed in achieving their goals thanks to your support. We look forward to taking you with us on this adventure thanks to the newspaper, the VLOG and the many ways to share.