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Games and Community


Mycelium – the game

by Marina Ruta and Rebel & Shine

Be inspired by nature, build your partnership as a thriving forest. Mycelium is a deck of 18 cards and a board game to help facilitate partnerships and to create safe spaces for collaboration.

CHF 3’525
106 %
47 backers

Games, Startup, and Tourism

Lausanne, Geneva, and Nyon

Support LaseRed

by Doryan Rappaz

LaseRed is the first concept (100% Swiss Made) that combines Laser Game & Escape Room: an Action Escape Game. It will delight adults and children for a very fun moment!

CHF 15’870
105 %
68 backers

Games, Kids / Youth, and Tourism


Sauvez Yatouland Genève!

by Yatouland Genève / YatouPourLesEnfants !!

Yatouland, le plus ancien parc de loisirs multi-activités pour enfants de Genève est gravement menacé par la crise. Depuis 2006 Yatouland fait le bonheur des enfants, aidons-le à passer cette épreuve.

CHF 48’008
106 %
170 backers

Games and Kids / Youth


Jeu de cartes yoga

by Aurélie Caruso

Un jeu de cartes de yoga et méditation pour les enfants dès 6 ans:
41 cartes pour explorer leur corps, leurs émotions, leurs sensations, développer la concentration, la confiance et la bienveillance.

CHF 3’985
113 %
26 backers

Games, Publishing, and Community


Drao Oracle Deck

by Equilibrium

Personal developpment oracle deck aiming to support you in time of transition and helping you to grow your inner coach. Your pre-order will allow the production of its 1st edition.

CHF 14’585
104 %
82 backers

Games and Design


Oracle – cartes Origani

by Sylvie Longchamp

Soutenez-moi pour l’impression de mon Oracle de développement personnel «Origani». Cet Oracle je l’ai créé de A à Z. Grace à vous, il prendra vie à travers les mains d'un imprimeur local.

CHF 5’065
101 %
90 backers

Games, Community, and Kids / Youth


We came up with this crazy project: two brand new, beautiful and most of all original boxes. Welcome to our Little Italy and Rainbow kits!

CHF 12’241
122 %
175 backers

Games, Kids / Youth, and Education


Empowering Little Unicorns

by Aequaland: Alma & Lucy

We are a team of badass women looking to disrupt education for the better. Support us to spark kids curiosity & creativity to enable them to follow their passions, dream big, and care for the planet!

CHF 20’728
103 %
107 backers

Games, Kids / Youth, and Education


Rebusmania, jeu de cartes

by Rebusmania_Aircécréation

Jeu d'ambiance dynamique et fun à la prise en main rapide! Soyez perspicace et réactif! Soyez le premier à créer des mots,à jongler avec des syllabes,des lettres,des chiffres et remportez la partie !

CHF 8’066
100 %
34 backers

Games, Startup, and Community



by Sébastien Petit and Saturnin Paulet

Lutopia has been conceived to offer an unparalleled experience in entertainment. The space blurs the line between retro and futuristic design tailored to your needs.

CHF 25’321
101 %
86 backers

Games and Tourism

Lausanne and Geneva

Notre projet propose de rassembler dans un passeport découverte des Escape Games sélectionnées tout en faisant bénéficier le détenteur d’un rabais lors de sa première visite.

CHF 6’185
116 %
61 backers

Games and Design

Lausanne and Basel

Charming flirting tips, good damn advice, funny jokes as well as anti-stress exercise. This is Something Else Instead, ingenious packs of cards that help you through thick and thin and give you a chance to shine wherever you are.