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Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Umberto Riva

«BEYOND MODERNITY: THE ARCHITECTURE OF UMBERTO RIVA. CRITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS 1989-2015». Author: Maria Bottero. Editorial coordination: Claudia Mion. Graphical design: Spassky Fischer. Support us!
by Éditions Cosa Mentale, Milan and Paris
121% funded
EUR 6’062 pledged
71 backers
Performing arts, Kids / Youth, and Dance


Après avoir joué la version courte de GOOSE, la Cavalcade en Scène est maintenant en train de créer la version intégrale. On a besoin de vous: aidez-nous à financer le spectacle!
by La Cavalcade en Scène, Milan
117% funded
EUR 5’897 pledged
41 backers
Performing Arts

Performance The scent of imprints

I Patom Theatre gives life to poems of the avant-garde author Daniil Kharms. The play The scent of imprints deals with social issues such as poverty, injutice and absurdity of human daily lifes.
by I Patom Theater, Milan and Locarno
100% funded
EUR 3’011 pledged
36 backers

Mask is freedom

Pierangelo Summa, masks creator, puppeteer and theatre director, left us a hundred Commedia dell’Arte’s masks' moulds. Help us save them !
by RS, Como
127% funded
EUR 7’660 pledged
86 backers
Journalism, Community, and Technology

Radio Gwendalyn

Help Radio Gwendalyn to become everybody’s radio: a year of radio programs committed to local culture, alternative music, minorities and ethnic groups.
by Radio Gwendalyn, Chiasso
113% funded
CHF 33’950 pledged
278 backers
Music and Community

Inclusion by Soundbeam

Soundbeam is the instrument to integrate disabled people into a band of professional musicians and stage actors. The Foundation Provvida Madre, since 2010, hosts a cutting-edge music workshop.
by Maurizio Rocca, Mendrisio, Chiasso, and Lugano
110% funded
CHF 4’438 pledged
18 backers
Music, art, and Tourism

Kreativoase Ticino

Im schönen Novazzano kreieren wir in einer 4-1/2 Zimmer Dachwohnung einen wunderbaren Ort für Ferien, Auszeiten, Events, Künstler, Songwritingspace, etc. Für die Einrichtung brauchen wir eure Hilfe!
by Famiglia Lustenberger, Novazzano
158% funded
CHF 12’710 pledged
28 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Dance


Site-specific, immersive, multidisciplinary 360°-Theatre-Performance at the historic marble quarries of Arzo, Ticino, Switzerland.
by Onyrikon, Arzo
101% funded
CHF 10’158 pledged
75 backers
Music, Festival, and Art

Càvea Festival

A breath-taking location, live music and limitless nature. Càvea Festival is a musical event that takes place in the magnificent landscapes of Arzo’s marble quarry, a natural amphitheater to discover.
by Càvea Festival, Arzo
112% funded
CHF 8’400 pledged
103 backers
Performing Arts


Daria Paoletta, Enrico Messina e Gaetano Colella danno vita ad uno spettacolo sulle Metamorfosi di Ovidio. Il lavoro è in coproduzione con il Festival a Internazionale di Narrazione di Arzo.
by Festival Internazionale di Narrazione di Arzo – Pagine Bianche, Arzo
105% funded
CHF 7’403 pledged
96 backers

Uncle Joe’s Space Tour 2015

Final Step is a Tessiner band, that plays quality music into the progressive-jazz scene since 2003. In 2015 organizes a TOUR to present its new album «Uncle Joe’s Space Mill».
by Associazione Vibrisse sostiene FINAL STEP, Riva San Vitale
103% funded
CHF 5’165 pledged
27 backers
Community and Tourism

Explore Switzerland Pass

Explore Switzerland gibt dir die Schlüssel der Schweiz!
by Explore Switzerland, Neuchâtel, Lugano, and Bern
129% funded
CHF 12’948 pledged
139 backers