Site-specific, immersive, multidisciplinary 360°-Theatre-Performance at the historic marble quarries of Arzo, Ticino, Switzerland.

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Ever since my childhood, the marble quarry of Arzo has been a magical place for me. Last May, after the architectural and naturalistic revaluation works were completed, we had the opportunity to reinaugurate this history-charged place, digging not only in the rock, but deep in the imagination.

From old stories new ones were born, thanks to a great number of people who united their willpower to create the immersive play CAVA by the theatre company Onyrikon. 11 actors, 40 choristers, 30 musicians, 13 background actors, one clown, art and video installations, escorted the audience on a nocturnal excursion which aimed to reveal the magic atmosphere and natural beauty of this historical place. The performance is all about the relationship between Humanity and the Rock, which is an aspect of the superordinate relationship between Humanity and Nature: a contemporaneously creative and destructive, sublime and tremendous connection.

How you can help us

To be able to realise CAVA in 2018 a huge amount of uncompensated work has been necessary, both of the artistic and organisational kind. We did this with great pleasure, motivated by the passion for this project — and, in my case, to honour the place where i grew up.

After this laborious production, it would be a pity if all these synergies and efforts by nearly a hundred people would bear as their only fruit the shows that have taken place this spring 2018. We got numerous letters and comments by people who were deeply touched by our performance. CAVA is a play which honours the territory and its history, including the local community, merging artistic genres and making different generations meet. The 6 shows were all sold out, and what was left was a long waiting list — thus we want to bring back CAVA to Arzo in 2019!

We need your help! Last year our most important sponsor was the audience through ticket sales, but for a show of this size that is not enough — we call upon your generosity to help us realise this project! To actively take part in this adventure, to promote the return of CAVA, if you love quarries, if you love theatre, music, culture, history, fantasy — give us a hand, participate in the crowdfunding to make CAVA 2019 happen!


If we are able to gather enough support to realise CAVA, the show will take place on 5-6-7-8 of June 2019.

You can find further information about CAVA, Onyrikon and the historic marble quarries of Arzo following the links below, on our website, Facebook and Youtube.