The Uros live on floating islands on Titicaca lake in Peru. Their natural skills for paddling & sense of balance on water is an asset to practice Stand-up Paddle. Our mission -> grow SUP racing @ Uros

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Lake protectors -> SUP development as an ecofriendly approach

Uros are the oldest native group in Titicaca and recognized by Perú government as lake protectors. Known for their ability to hunt and fish in the lake, they have admirable skills to steer from young age on the «totora boats» (local handcrafted boat made from reeds), hence paddling a stand-up paddle board is a natural thing for all of them in the floating community.

Introducing Stand-up paddle to Winay Balsero Island have proven to be an effective means of transport, being used for their hunting and fishing activities, transport mean to reach the island where school is located, reducing the standard motorboats costs and pollution in their protected environment.

It has also proven raising awareness among the local natives on the health benefits gained when including a regular exercise routine in their daily life and the importance of preserving the natural biodiversity of the lake which is fundamental for the eco balance of the Altiplano and their survival.

SOS SUP Titicaca Uros is an association located in Switzerland and Perú. It was recently created after a touristic stand-up paddle tour exploring the Uros community and finding their natural abilities for paddling. Our main goal is to support the young and teenagers of the community in making stand-up paddle an accessible sports activity, providing with equipment, adequate training facilities and plan to develop this discipline among the Uros population as a regular school activity, a competitive sport and a new non contaminating way to perform some of their ancient tasks such as fishing and hunting. We are as well aiming at integrating new activities such as a high altitude training camp for SUP athletes (training at high altitude being often used to improve performances), a local SUP league and local & international SUP events.

Leo, Silver and Nely (brothers and sisters) performing traditional activities on their Island
Leo, Silver and Nely (brothers and sisters) performing traditional activities on their Island

Our project - First Ultra long distance high altitude SUP event

We are organizing the 1st edition and first SUP lake crossing in August 2024. This is the launching event of our association, where the 4 local Uros athletes and international participants including high profile SUP athletes will be paddling for 6 days starting from Copacabana -Bolivia reaching the other side of the lake in Puno - Peru. This will be the first and longest SUP race at that altitude and also the first Ultra long distance SUP event in South America.

On the last day and final 15km from Taquile Island to Puno -Llachon, more participants will be joining the SUP lake crossing team, reaching the final line together. This open category event is named Titikaka Paddle Tour & designed for all SUP levels.

A meaningful experience where locals and worldwide participants will be crossing the lake, paddling their heart out, growing the SUP community at 3800m above sea level and inviting locals from the Uros to discover the discipline.

Darwin (their cousin), Nely and Silver paddling on Titicaca Lake
Darwin (their cousin), Nely and Silver paddling on Titicaca Lake

Together we can make it happen

We need you!

Your support will fund the event organization and the local athletes participation fees.

The event is the launching campaign of our organization.

Crossing the Titicaca lake (3’800m above sea level) as a Stand-up paddle multi days race conveys our message, showing the healthy benefits of introducing SUP as a regular activity while preserving the natural environment of the Lake protected reserve where the Uros community is located and inviting SUP enthusiasts worldwide to discover this unique spot.

Thank you for believing in our mission.

Leo training on  his island, the rewards, Silver navigating the traditional TOTORA boat
Leo training on his island, the rewards, Silver navigating the traditional TOTORA boat