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SuperEgo presents The Trilogy, a Pop-up series of three related contemporary art exhibitions. It takes place in Bern during the summer (June-July). Around a dozen artists are involved in our program.

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Artistic Pop up Exhibition Series in Bern

Hi everybody! We are Jesica, Julia and Elisabetta. Since almost one year we created together the initiative SuperEgo, with the aim to realize many artistic ideas.

Our first project is a Pop-up exhibition series called «The Trilogy», we are asking your support to make it real! There will be three contemporary art exhibitions, each one lasting one week:

1) Come to Mama! (28 June-4 July) We invite you to create, to destroy, to welcome, to trap, to shelter, to abandon, to seduce, to reject!

2) Casual Kitchen Art (5 July-11 July) The trash laboratory where to experience domestic confusion as an expiring living show.

3) Hormonologue (12 July - 18 July) A drug-statement to reset the program of identity manipulation.

These sections will present and reflect about some topics related to:

  • the identity of the feminine
  • the cultural evaluation of the domestic
  • extended issues related to the hormonal medication discourse.

It sounds hard, but no worries, it will be fun!!

International and Interdisciplinary Program

We want to tell you more about us. We are glad to say that our project «The Trilogy» is bringing together many different people from various countries. First of all our board is really international: Jesica is from Mexico, Elisabetta from Italy and Julia from Germany. Our project is bringing together art from all over the world right into the heart of Bern!

Our artists, all women, come from many Swiss cities -Bern, Lausanne and Geneva- as well as from Milano, Tel Aviv and Seoul, here some of the names: Nadia Marni, Mor Dovrat, Kimyi Bo, Maeva Rosset and Nicoletta Buri. We offer a unique experience which combines many disciplines: art is really displayed at 360 degree! Our exhibition program includes: fine art, with engravings and mixed media drawings, media art, with videos and also performance art. The exhibitions will take place at the space Junkere 11, run by Yvonne Gempeler, while some events will have other specific locations.

To be more specific, here some highlights of our vibrant program: -The Volcano Night: two performances by a duo of artists, followed by an Art Talk and accompanied by a rich and tasty Apero!

  • Casual Kitchen Banquet (alias The Dinner): a luxuriously cozy, site-specif menu with related lectures about fermentation and decay. It will be in the picturesque Matte quarter.
  • The Movie Night: the premiere screening in Bern of the documentary DONNA HARAWAY: STORY TELLING FOR EARTHLY SURVIVAL at KinoREX, followed by a discussion with an expert of the film.
  • We will hold a vernissage for each part of «The Trilogy», where the public can meet the artists and curators to talk, chill and drink.

For us it is important to realize this project because it will really create a special network of locations, people and events that normally do not meet each other. Our project creates bridges and tears down borders! Moreover it supports emergent artists and fosters contacts to make Bern more alive and international!

This is what we need backing for

We are asking for your support in order to:

  • first of all, reward the artists for their participation. Often this is not even taken into consideration. But we are trying hard to change this logic and to support, person by person, art and culture. We recognize, being artists ourselves, that to exhibit is not only a chance: it is a work. So we need money for them and their creativity to run wild.

In addition, we need your help for:

  • venue rents
  • movie rights
  • advertise materials
  • travel and transport expenses.
  • technical equipment.

After all these words there is nothing left for us to do but invite you to check out our rewards and plan your SuperEgo experience! Save the dates, let’s make it together!