Aid transports with winter clothing for Moroccan families in need

For my heart project in Morocco I need YOUR help. Cold, hunger and poverty - the pandemic makes this combination more and more reality. Also or especially in Morocco. Since March, international tourism in Morocco has been virtually idle. In a country where thousands of people live from tourism. Not only the hotels or restaurants, but every taxi driver, every carpet weaver and every shepherd are affected. And the state’s aid package is small.

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Who & how we want to help

We want to help Moroccan families in need and shed some light on their everyday life, which is already difficult enough! With «Support-Flow to Morocco», we have been organising aid transports with winter clothes or school supplies and distributing them to families in need since 2019.

How do we proceed? We don’t just put boxes on the village square, but we put together parcels specifically for families with their sizes. We are active in different areas and thus try to help in different places and situations. We also bring donations to orphanages or support a foundation that helps people with trisomy. There is no lack of material donations, but what is missing is the money to finance the aid transports. That is why we need YOUR help.


This is what I need backing for.

For each kilo of material I pay 3 francs for transport and customs. In my cellar the boxes of donations are piling up. I am unbelievably grateful that many people who bring me donations of material also contribute something for the transport. But that is not enough. On top of that, there is the difficulty that all the markets where I go to do my volunteer project are cancelled. That is why I turn to YOU!

Help with your donation so that soon all the warm jackets, solid shoes or baby clothes can go to Morocco. Where they can help.

Normally I pay around 800 Swiss Francs per transport (costs for transport & customs for a little more than 250kg of material). My announced crowdfunding target would thus be enough (including deduction of the commission to Wemakeit) for three transports. But I am also incredibly happy when more comes together.

Those who know me know that I invest a large part of my free time in «Support-Flow to Morocco». I do the communication, collect things, sort the donations by size and gender, organise the transports and manage our team of volunteers in Morocco together with my husband Youssef.

Together we can make a change!

About Support-Flow to Morocco: I (Sarah Bischof) have been living between Morocco and Switzerland since 2015, between poverty and abundance. I have started to collect things that are no longer needed in the West and bring them to Morocco via vans, where they can be used to help families in need. I support different regions, but also orphanages or a foundation for children with trisomy. For this I depend on donations, because every kilo of material costs 3 Swiss francs for transport and customs. Support my heart project in Morocco: