How does AsyLex help asylum seekers?

AsyLex is an NGO that offers free online legal aid to all asylum seekers regardless of their social, ethnic and cultural background, belief, age or gender. We accompany and prepare them for the asylum interviews and provide easy-to-use online legal advice in over 15 different languages. Many of our translators are former clients of ours who are unable to work in Switzerland. By working with us, we hope to further integrate them and give them a purpose. AsyLex strives to support those in need and give them a fair chance at applying for asylum. We believe that everyone deserves to live in dignity and peace.

Support during the asylum procedure

Leaving your home and fleeing to a foreign country can be a daunting and oftentimes traumatic experience, especially if you’re not familiar with the native language. The asylum procedure in Switzerland is very complex and hard to understand. Most asylum seekers don’t know their rights and often feel lost. Whether an asylum seeker can stay in Switzerland or not usually depends on how well they do in their interview at the SEM (The State Secretariat for Migration). We support them by preparing them for their interviews and acting as a guide and confidant to them during the entire asylum procedure.

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Reimbursement for travel costs

The travel costs to Bern amount to an average of 30 francs per hearing. In order to accompany our clients to the next 100 interviews, we need 3000 francs. Without this money, we can not continue our work. We are grateful for any amount of donation and thank you for your support in advance!