sustainable notebooks

I love notebooks. Ever since I can write, I love the smell, the feel and the structure of paper and at the same time any kind of pens, scribes etc. Filling in notebooks of all kinds with various sketches, creative ideas, moments worthy of memorization, conversations and this in a colorful, crazy, for me only readable way, makes me happy. Not only does it make me happy, but it slows me down and I consciously take a «me» time: time for myself to write down my thoughts in notebooks. It brings me out of my mental chatter (which usually starts shortly before falling asleep), if you always have all the tasks and duties of the family, at work and privately floating around in your head. Paper is patient. Perhaps you know this, too?

A dog also helps well with a digital detox. I like being outside with him, exploring nature and I love hiking. And on one of these hikes, I thought, why not combine my love of nature with my love of notebooks? So I went on a search to find for me appealing notebooks (taste is debatable) and at the same time environmentally conscious notebooks and came across NOTHING.

So I created the following four collections that I can only describe to you, because for the realization I need your support.

#1: will be a notebook whose cover is obtained from reusable waste, because this is produced when apples are squeezed out. Here, at the end, the peeel, styles and kernels remain and would usually be disposed. This so-called «trester» is dried, pulverized and then spread out on cotton fleece and the result is a super-beautiful, soft leather-like material, which is also – like the apple itself – dirt- and water-repellent.

#2 is a notebook with a cotton cover and presents itself as a «unit» due to its complete monochrome with cover and book cut. At first it is only offered in black, later other colors are added - and don’t worry, the paper pages are white.

#3 is a notebook made of sustainable cardboard with a wonderful structure. This notebook impresses with an open thread stitching and lies very flat when opened. This notebook is first realized with a black exterior color.

Last but not least: #4 is a slim alternative to the notebook and has a colored seam attached by hand on the back and through thus becomes unique.

Now I need your support! Do you love notebooks like I do and help me to bring them into harmony with nature?

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My project is special because ...

In all my notebooks, attention is paid to the sustainability of the cover materials as well as the individual materials used: from the paper, the glue to the printer indidy, the thread for the stitching, the bookmark and the rubber band made of organic cotton as well as the climate-neutral transport, because my notebooks come from «next door», from the Swiss bordering countries. With these notebooks you get the usual quality of a high-quality notebook, do not have to do without anything and at the same time make a contribution to the preservation of our environment.

I will invest 3% of the profit in sustainable projects in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In particular, projects with forest afforestation, nature conservation or social aid projects are taken into account.

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This is what I need backing for.

I am a startup and as every founder of a startup, we weren’t born with a silver spoon, though we have to fight for our ideas for your support.

Choose a reward, support me financially and awaken a project close to my heart to life together with me. I would be so happy if I could send you personally one of my first produced notebooks.

With the starting sum of CHF 7,000, I will be able to produce two collections in small quantities. Included here are the costs for production, logistics, sales and a little bit of marketing.

With the sum of CHF 12,000, I will be able to produce all four collections.

Every additional franc beyond that, I will carefully invest in the product development of my heart project.

Now I hope that I can inspire you and would appreciate any kind of support from you, be it in financial form by selecting a reward or by passing it on in your community. The more people learn about my project, the sooner I can realize it, because here the «all or nothing» principle applies: If I do not reach the starting sum, everything is lost!

Who shares my vision and wants to make the world a little bit better together with me?

I look forward to your support.

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