Swiss Youth for Climate is going to COP22 in Marrakech in order to make sure that the promises born from the Paris Agreement adopted last year at COP21 are translated in concrete & ambitious actions.

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From Paris to Marrakech

Last year, thanks to your help, we took part in the COP21 in Paris. The agreement that has been adopted there is a crucial step in the fight against climate change. But it is now time to move from words to actions. For that purpose, the COP22 that will take place from the 7th until the 18th of November in Marrakech, Morocco, represents a key moment. There, the different countries will discuss the concrete implementation of the Paris Agreement, for which numerous elements still need to be specified. That implies for example agreeing on a way to make up the gap between the countries emissions reduction engagements (which should bring us to a warming of more than 3 °C) and the agreement objectives (which tend to limit the warming well below 2 °C). There is good reason why the COP22 is already called the «COP of actions»!

In other words, the foundations have been placed and we shall now build together the edifice of sustainability.

The fight is not over!

However, those who fought last year for the agreement to be as vague and non-binding as possible, will fight this year for its implementation to be as belated and unspecific as possible. As for us, we will put ever more effort to remind the negotiators of the pledges they made last year and the responsibility they have towards our generation as well as the future generations.

For that, we will rely on the precious experience we acquired at COP21 and on the important network we already built with youth associations from around the world. Moreover, we continued our sensitization and mobilization towards swiss youth, and our efforts seem to have paid: we were six in Paris, we will be more than ten in Marrakech.

More experience, more people and more motivation than ever: we are ready for COP22!

The only thing we miss ? Your precious support, so that we can go defend our future in Marrakech. Become a collaborator and take part in our commitment for a better future!