Swiss Youth for Climate, an association open to ever young people of Switzerland in order to give them a voice in climate debates, goes to Paris for the COP21.

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Swiss Youth for Climate at COP21

At the end of the month, we are going to Paris for the COP21, the global climate summit. Organized annually by UN, this conference raises particular hopes this year. Whereas climate talks have too rarely led to concrete actions, an agreement could be eventually signed by ALL countries, engaging ALL of them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This agreement, which must help us to limit global warming at 2°C, should cover a period up to 2050.

These two short weeks will shape global policy for the next 35 years and will have a direct impact on our climate, our society and our economy – and this for much more than 35 years!

Politicians have thus a responsibility towards today’s young generation and generations to come. This is precisely the goal of our trip to Paris: we want to remind them of this responsibility and make sure that they are conscious of it while negotiating. Thanks to our access badges, we will be present inside the conference room. Collaborating with other youth associations from all around the world will allow us to have a bigger impact.

We also want to make sure that Switzerland respects its commitments and fulfills its role as a pioneer, as it has proudly done before.

Finally, our goal is to inform and mobilize Swiss youth, thanks to our presence in Paris and an important communication effort through traditional and social media. Swiss Youth for Climate should act as a link between the complex world of climate politics and young people whose opportunities to get involved are still very limited.

We thus need your support to go speak up in Paris and fulfill our mission of mobilizing Swiss youth. Become a supporter and you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren: «I joined the fight to offer you a healthier and better future!»