Syrian Metal needs your help

In 2014 we’ve seen the release of the first teaser for «Syrian Metal is War». Monzer Darwish, who was 23 back then, was shooting a documentary about the Syrian metal scene, and its survival in the face of a civil war, that was already ongoing for three years at that point. Far beyond any religious and political perspectives, this movie is a DIY-product, completely done by passionate people like you and me, who are dreaming of sharing their music with as much people as possible. The announcement of this documentary has had quite the impact throughout media all over the world:

Even our good old RTS had dedicated a report on Monzer and his wife while they were fleeing from the war, on the way to the Netherlands.

Today, Monzer and his band are refugees in a small town close to Amsterdam. We’re in constant contact, he’s happy and thankful for being accepted there. He’s visiting language classes in the morning, studying in the afternoon, and is working hard to become better integrated. His family, who own a a bakery, stayed behind in Syria. Obviously, his run for the european mainland has made him leave everything behind – even family, friends, instruments, and filming equipment. I’d like for us to unite in helping them to buy new instruments, and a computer to finish the movie «Syrian Metal is War».

This will also not only be a statement as to how people who are fleeing from war are exactly like us, but help as well to undo the confusion that tends to lead to a resentful perspective, which we probably all know too well.

With the help of these Swiss bands and labels:

  • Yellow Teeth
  • Kassette
  • Olten
  • Closet Disco Queen
  • Ogmasun
  • Devon
  • Cold Smoke Records
  • La Gale
  • Dog Days
  • Solange la Frange
  • Darius
  • Herod
  • Dream Homeless
  • Jibcae
  • Mmmh!
  • The Last Moan
  • Rolf Pedalboards
  • Forks
  • Christoph Noth
  • Humus Records