What is Tearak?

We’re more than just a cup of tea. Tearak works with small producers in the province of Chiang Rai, Thailand and connect them with customers in a short and fair value chain. Our mission is to empower hill tribe tea growers in northern Thailand through fair business practice.

We want to create a sense of pride in farmers who are producing high quality organic tea and bring tea lovers closer to the producers – hence the name «Tearak», which means the «beloved» in Thai.

Why you should back this project

Are you a tea drinker? Do you care about the people and the environment behind your favorite cup? Do you believe in fairness and people empowerment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely back this project.

Like many places in the world, tea farmers in Thailand suffer fluctuating prices and have no bargaining power with middlemen. To make the matter worse, most farmers are from hill tribe communities which are often poor and marginalized by the society. This needs to change – and this is why we started our project.

«Tearak» is still in its infantry stage and therefore the money we raise will help us expand our operations. This will enable us to provide more support, both in terms of financial and development, to the local communities.

What you will get

Take your pick! Try our awesome tea leaves at a special price, reward yourself with beautiful handmade ceramics cups or traditional handwoven tea towels, discover special wild teas from a 100+ year old tree, take a once-in-a-lifetime journey, or get a set of unique postcards. The choice is yours.

Find the descriptions of our teas below:

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Osmanthus – Naturally Fragrance

Osmanthus is a yellow flower that represents a symbol of love. This tea will surprise you with its unexpected combination of sweetness and strength. The soft taste will take you to the mountain landscapes of northern Thailand.

Oolong #17 – Green Oolong

This well-respected green oolong requires time and patience to grow. Its layered taste has the kind of depth and complexity that will put you in a thoughtful mood. This is a perfect tea for slowing down and contemplating the world.

Black Ruby – Fine Black Tea

Black Ruby is elegant with no pretence, it is beautifully simple and aromatic. This black tea is perfect for any time of day. You will enjoy it as a nice companion during a swift break and in no time feel energized when it’s time to get going again.

Pictures from the communities that we work with

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