It's not over :)By Janjarang Kijtikhun, on 23/2/2016 08:41


Dear Backers,

On behalf of Tearak, I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported our campaign, despite it being unsuccessful. Apart from backing the project, many of you also helped spreading the words or even wrote to me. All of this was very touching and heartwarming. You certainly recharged my battery and reminded me to keep on working on what I believe in, which is fairness and people empowerment.

Because we didn’t reach the goal on wemakeit, the platform will refund your pledged money. Nothing will be charged. Does this mean everything is lost? No.

To support local farmers, you can still order the teas and merchandise from us. If you are interested, please reach out to me directly via email ( This goes the same if you would like to take a once in a life time trip to the tea plantations. Believe me, all of our offers are awesome.

Thank you again for giving us a chance. We will visit the communities later on this year and hopefully, some of you can join us on this beautiful journey.

With warmth,

Janjarang, Founder of Tearak


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