The Ascention of Worty and Park

Book of illustrations based in stories of my own multiverse cosmic imagination.

I want to have the time and resources to fully devote myself to the illustrative creation of «Cu4tro M1l Quiniento5 Tr3inta y sie7e A.A.i».

The resources will be used to provide me with the necessary comfort to let my creative potential flow to the fullest and put all the energies into a complete illustrative process. Basic things such as food, rent and small investments in improvement of illustrative equipment are included in the eventual expenses of the project.

The story was written during 2018, as part of my own emotional healing process.


Art, love and life.

Artistically I permeate my most intense and honest transformation of the deprogramming of the social canons living in the capitalist patriarchate trough the saddest and most confusing episodes of my own existence on this plane of reality.


«More it's shakes, more i have to let go»

Through my process of self discovery always by trial and error, I capture in my pieces the ideas, stories and emotions that awaken the most beautiful, clear, strange and dark passages of my own conscience.

PART 1 «The nothingness: The windows were round, they were useless, since everything outside was darkness, silence. The Nothingness swallowed light, gravity and purpose. There was no time, so the existence seemed to have no explanation, no reason to be, simply was.»