What is it about?

«The little Death» is a short documentary film about the female orgasm. Women from various age, origin, experiences and sexual preferences talk about their orgasms in all sincerity. Poetical, abstract and metaphoric images take us in the heart of their sensations. Speaking about orgasm, the protagonists talk about their desires, their sexuality. With sensibility, poetry and humor, the film take us in the intimacy of women. Far away from pornography, performance’s cult or excessive erotic. The film is a collective adventure, driven by a common will to break some taboos that still weigh on female sexuality.

«The little death» is a dialog between women, for women. And for men.

Why do we need your help?

We have already received a part of the required sum to realize the project, but it doesn’t allow us yet beginn to shoot the film. To finance a film is a long and complexe task. We have also to invest our own money, but alone we can’t manage to reach the required sum.

That’s why we need your help! Give us a last hand in order to allow us to shoot «The little Death»!


Why should you help us?

Because «The little death» is an innovative and audacious project that invites women to take over their sexuality. For a long time, men’s visions dominated and determinated women’s sexuality. It’s time to let women speak about their own sexuality!

«The little Death» wants to break taboos and reveal the lack of knowledge that still get in way of female sexuality. For a long time, women couldn’t claim their right to pleasure, nor wondered about their own desires. The erotic and pornography are still dominated in the majority by men. And few women recognize themselves in this kind of visions. Still nowadays, a woman who is sexually «very» active is judged negatively.

The female orgasm is still to be explored! This topic has never been treated in such a cinematographic, aesthetic, collective and sincere way. It’s time to speak about sexuality in all sincerity. Dialog is a powerfull tool who helps us have a better and more harmonious sexuality.

Who is behind this project?


Director and narrator of the film. After a Bachelor of Arts in Film obtained at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and film studies that took her from Costa Rica to Zurich, via Buenos Aires and Madrid, Annie embarks herself with passion in her first professional film project: «The little Death». She is from the french part of Switzerland but lives and works in Zürich.


Film production company based in Fribourg, Switzerland, founded by Francesca Scalisi and Mark Olexa.


Producer of the film. Italian citizenship. Received degree from ZeLIG (School for Documentary, Television and New Media) in Bolzano. Cofounder of DOK MOBILE production company. Works as editor, producer and director. Cofoundor and Artistic Director of Flying Film Festival.


Producer of the film. Swiss and czech citizenship. Received degree from ZeLIG (School for Documentary, Television and New Media) in Bolzano. Cofounder of DOK MOBILE production company, where he coproduced several international projects. He works as a director and producer. Cofounder and Artistic Director of Flying Film Festival.

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Project’s calendar

Shooting: april/mai 2017

Post-production: mai / june 2017

Premiere: Beginning of august 2017