The NICE Magazine - insights into contemporary urban Africa trough the eyes of the young generation

The NICE Magazine exhibits the works of a young generation of African photographers, designers and writers and showcases their perspectives, aesthetics, styles and stories. The publication represents a unique collaboration between the association Klaym, Côte d’Ivoire-raised photographer Flurina Rothenberger, Zurich design agency Hammer and several up-and-coming young talents from numerous African countries.

The newest issue will focus on Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. It will be produced in both Abidjan and Zurich and will be distributed to numerous major cities across the globe, with texts in French and English. With your help NICE will be published in December 2017.

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Our project is special because ...

Today, only few African artists have been able to establish themselves outside of their continent. As such, their voices and stories are seldom heard and seen in other parts of the world. Klaym responds with it’s magazine NICE to a demand for genuine and compelling contemporary African stories and ideas by offering it’s wide audience a unique and sometimes surprising glimpse at real life within a particular African city.

The network Klaym was launched in 2015 based on the vision to simultaneously stimulate economic development and artistic inspiration by bringing the works of young African creatives to the international stage. Klaym offers professional training for young photographers and visual designers in various African countries and promotes their work through the NICE magazine.

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This is what we need backing for ...

Following a successful pilot last year, the new issue of NICE is the first of a planned series. Each issue will focus on a different African city and will deliver a portrayal of this place through the eyes of its young citizens. This time young Ivorian photographers, graphic designers and writers contribute and develop the content of the publication. Embedded in a professional training workshop content, images, and text are developed as a collaborative effort between young local photographers, local designers and international mentors.

Up till now, we have raised enough funding to start the workshop in Abidjan and have produced some highly creative and inspiring content. What’s missing now are the financial means to complete the layout and print the issue. Please help us getting together the amount needed to publish this issue!

Merci beaucoup! Your NICE Magazine Team-Abidjan