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Nature and Culture: The Nomadic Way of Life in Mongolia is an anthropological study and photographic project to document Mongolian nomadic people, and its relation to the vast wilderness. It also looks into the changes brought about by urbanization in Mongolian pastoral way of life.

Outside the cities, Mongolian lives in ger – a traditional dwelling that has been adapted over the centuries to the realities of nomadic life. However, the number of nomads decreased over the last years due to migration towards big cities.


This photography projects involves documentation of Mongolian nomadic life and printing of these photos for an exposition in Geneva (and other cities, should possibilities arise). The purpose of the exposition is twofold : (a) show the photographic and anthropological skills of the artist, and; (b) expose the audience about the culture of nomads, the beauty of the Mongolian landscape where nomads live, and issues surrounding the changes in this landscape. Aside from exposition, selected photos will also be printed into a book with narratives.


Your contribution will finance the miscellaneous expenses related to this study and the printing of photos and books. In return, you will benefit from a range of gift, including photo book and printed and framed photos. And of course you are invited to the opening of my exposition at Viverra in Geneva.

(photos here are from my previous exposition)