A family album for the most beautiful village of Switzerland

Our aim is to make two historic and typical buildings freely accessible to the public and to present the beautiful serie «The People of Soglio» by Evelyn Hofer in these interesting rooms. In 1991 the famous photographer had photographed 36 village people. She liked this picturesque and bucolic village very much. In this way, we would broaden the tourist offer, give new impulses and realize a kind of «family album» for the villagers in a suggestive ambiance.

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My project is special because ...

The project is important for Soglio. Without too much effort, different aspects are linked: the free access to two historical and typical buildings (private property), the exhibition and appreciation of an important photo series and the creation of a public space. Something simple, cultural, contemporary and with great potential for this small mountain village.

This is what I need backing for.

I will first determinate a legal form, use the money to buy all 36 pictures with framework (copies, unsigned) and for the equipment and the adjustment of the exhibition spaces.