Living and dying: That's what «The Year» is about

In this book I describe how I set out to prepare to die. In «Living with pain without going crazy» I describe how I live with chronic pain. In «The Year» I tell the story of what it took to get to the place where I am ready: ready to die and ready to live.

What others say about «The Year»

Mark dedicates his text to the curious, the searching and to those who dare to love. Ready to develop, listen and feel, I have the honour to travel through parts of his experience, history and thoughts. Mark’s voice is and will be most important to me as I am trying to find out more about the real big things in life. You might want to try it as well? It is a challenge to understand, but it easy to develop, listen and feel. Sabine Kuenzi

«The Year» is a beautifully relaxed yet serious preparation for life. It’s a book for any and everybody. Although I have not experienced the unbelievable pains Mark has had to endure, or had to overcome as many obstacles as Mark, I wrestle with the same questions. I admire Mark for the courage to face approach the answers in such a rigorous way. We may be grateful that he shares his experiences and thoughts with us. Mark presents his personal experiences with us, giving us a taste of a liberating concept of life and allowing us to smell the trees of the forest in which life happens.» Pascal Sieber

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